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Are teen girls (ie, ages 13-17) stronger than me?

I'm a grown guy, slender, 160 lbs, not real strong, I can bench press maybe 80 lbs ten times, do 25 pushups max. Am curious if many teen girls in the 13-17 age range are physically stronger than me. Not seeking matches, just genuinely curious, appreciate your replies.
Teen Girls (13-17 or so): Are you physically stronger than this guy? Hypothetically could you overpower and pin him in a wrestling match?
Yes, way stronger than him--could pin him easily in a fair match
I could definitely overpower him after a brief struggle
Could go either way, we're pretty even strength-wise
He'd probably win, but I'd put up a good fight!
Guys: are a lot of teen girls you know stronger than this guy?
Yes, most teen girls I know, even 13 or 14 year olds, could totally pin him
Certainly I know some girls that age who are stronger and could pin him.
Some are, some aren't--maybe 50-50
I know at least one girl that age who could pin him, others not so sure
Teen girls: Have you overpowered and pinned guys your age or older before?
Yes, lots of times--I'm almost always physically stronger than guys I know
I have wrestled and pinned guys my age and older a few times before
I've won some, I've lost some
Final Question: Do you think an athletic 13 year old girl could overpower and pin a lot of average adult guys?
Yes, I've seen it happen several times, these girls are getting really strong!
I think it's definitely possible if she's athletic and the guy's average strength
This poll was created on 2013-07-07 08:07:11 by kfunman