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Girls Peeing Survey

Girls only please! Just out of interest! Please be honest with your answers, and thank you for taking the time, it's much appreciated.
How old are you?
Under 10
10 - 13
14 - 16
17 - 20
21 - 25
26 - 30
30 - 40
Over 40
Do you need to pee right now?
If you do need to pee, how badly?
I can just about feel I need to
I need to a bit, but nothing major
I definitely need to go
I really need to pee!
I'm bursting to go!!
If you answered anything more than 'I need to a bit but nothing major,' why are you holding it in? Tick as many as apply.
Because I can't be bothered to get up
Because I'm busy right now, I'll go in a minute
Because I enjoy the feeling of holding my pee in
Because I want to see how much I can hold
How do you feel the urge to pee? Tick as many as apply.
In my bladder - it feels full inside me
Where the pee comes out
How often do you get desperate to pee?
Rarely, I usually go straight away when I need to
Occasionally, but only if I can't get to a toilet
Frequently, I enjoy the feeling!
How do you hold your pee in when you get desperate? Tick any that apply
Just by clenching my muscles
Crossing my legs
Wiggling around
Squirming with my legs crossed
Holding myself with my hand
Are you doing any of these right now?
No, I don't need to at the moment
Yes! If so, which?
Have you ever wet yourself?
Yes, accidentally
Yes, on purpose
If you have wet yourself, accidentally or on purpose (Or both!) can you describe why and what happened?
If you need to pee and are doing anything beyond sitting still and clenching to hold it in, stop and sit or stand still for 30 seconds. Did you manage to hold it in?
Yes, no problem
Yes, but it was difficult!
Yes, just! I barely managed!
No, I leaked a little bit!
NO, I completely wet myself
When I go to the toilet, I sit down and let go and the pee comes out (Immediately? After a moment? Before I've even sat down?!)
When I go to the toilet and I'm wearing a skirt I (Pull it up? Pull it down? Depends how desperate I am?)
When I go to the toilet and I'm wearing panties I (Pull them down? Pull the crotch to one side? Pee through them?!)
Have you ever peed anywhere other than the toilet?
Yes, behind a tree/ bush
Yes, in the sink
Yes, in the ocean
Yes, in a swimming pool
Yes, in a car
Yes, other
Why? And what happened?
Do you use public toilets?
No, never! Why?
If I'm absolutely bursting yes
If I need to go badly yes
If I'm with friends and they do yes
Yep, if I need to pee I need to pee!
If you do use public toilets do you
Sit as normal
Hover over it
Stand over it
Wipe the seat then sit
Depends how desperate I am!
Do you wipe yourself when you're done?
Yes, always
Yes, usually (When would you not?)
Sometimes (Why only sometimes?)
Not usually (Why?)
No, never! (Why?)
Have you ever wet yourself deliberately?
If yes, what made you do it, and how did you feel? Would you do it again?
At the beginning of the survey I asked whether you needed to pee or not, and how badly. How are you feeling now?! Have you been to the toilet since the start of the survey? I need to pee than at the beginning of the survey. I'm having to do to hold it in. It feels like in my . I'm going to go to the toilet in (A while? A moment? Right now?!!) Have you leaked or wet yourself during the survey? If yes, how badly?!
Thank you so much for taking part! Just one last thing - describe yourself a little bit! I'm and I'm wearing
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