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Should older men wear speedos?

Ok, here is your chance to spew your opinion on older guys in a speedo. We aren't talking about 15-21 year old dweebs on a swim team. We're talking about the Al Bundy type guy next door who has a little baggage around his waist. Personally, I have been wearing a speedo to swim and hot tub in since I was in my 20's. I am now over 50 and still wear the speedo. My body is average and I am straight, not gay. I enjoy the feel of freedom in a speedo. I hate clingy board shorts that take forever to dry. I find a speedo much easier to swim in and they are a no brainer for sun tanning. So, am I alone or do others feel the same way? Please answer my poll and leave your comments.
Do you think a speedo is sexy on a guy?
Yes, but only if they are fit
Yes, any man looks better in a speedo than baggy shorts, even if they look like Al Bundy
Only if they are an Olympic swimmer or diver
No, men should not wear speedos at any age or body type
What would be your reaction to an older man (over 30) in a speedo?
Ewww..... GROSS!
I would leave the area ASAP
I'm OK with it as long as he doesn't get too close.
I would strike up a coversation to get his attention
Do you wear speedos?
Only in a private setting
Ewww...NO WAY!
What is your gender?
What is you sexual preference?
I'm straight
I am gay
I am lesbian
I am bi-sexual
I rather not say
What is you age bracket?
Under 18
over 50
Do you think people are biased about men in a speedo?
Yes, especially if they are older or overweight.
No, not really. It's a personal choice and it should be respected.
Would you swim or hot tub with an older guy wearing a speedo?
Ewww..no thanks
Only if he is gay
Only if he was straight
Yes I would be OK with that as long as he didn't invade my space
Heck yeah. I might even compliment him on being brave enough to show his "junk" in public
Did you enjoy this poll?
Yes, it was fun
No, it was stupid
This poll was created on 2013-06-16 01:37:48 by speedo1974