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On A Cruise: Acceptable Adult Relationship (1-5 years) Behavior

This poll has a variety of questions on being on a cruise with a significant other - how to act, what is fair, what is acceptable and more.
On a cruise Part 1: This is your first big vacation together. After hanging in the casino with your significant past midnight because they like to gamble, you suggest going back to the cabin. He/she says they will follow behind you shortly. They come in 2 and a half hours later. How do you feel about this?
It doesn't bother me at all.
I don't think it's okay but it's not important enough for me to let them know that.
I'm upset and tell them so followed by asking we define the time period in the future.
I'm PISSED and it's SO ON.
On a cruise Part 2: regarding question 1, do you think your significant other's behavior was respectful of you?
On a cruise Part 3: your partner continues to stay in the casino. Almost every time you ask for them to do something with you - go eat, visit a store, etc. they say no and tell you to go by yourself as they are gambling. Is this okay with you?
Yes I prefer to do things apart.
Hell no! We're vacationing together and should do a lot more together while here.
On a cruise Part 4: regarding question 3, do you think your significant other's behavior was considerate of you and your desire for time together?
On a cruise Part 5: Your significant other continues to stay at the gambling table and meets someone of the opposite sex who gambles as much while their significant other is put in your same situation. While you don't feel threatened, how do you feel about the amount of time they are spending together instead of with you?
I'm totally stoked! I want to be on my own and now I won't have to worry about them.
I think it's bullshit. My partner shouldn't be spending that much time with someone else.
On a cruise Part 6: Your partner and their new BFF seem really close. Several times you the new friend whispering in your significant other's ear, touching them on the arm and acting very close. Is this okay with you?
Yes. I know they're getting off the boat with me so it doesn't matter.
No! That's completely wrong! My partner should have had boundaries that never included such intimacy.
On a cruise Part 7: Should you talk to your significant other about the issues you had after the cruise is over?
Say you are going on another cruise so you decide it best to discuss the past cruise with your mate. You explain how inappropriate their behavior with the other person was. You tell them that you understand their intentions weren't bad but that they should have kept a reasonable distance from the other person. In response, your partner tells you that you are being ridiculous and that they did nothing wrong. They tell you there was nothing they could have or would have done differently. Please explain what you think of their response.
On a cruise Part 8: How did their response make you feel? Please explain.
On a cruise Part 9: Given the negative outcome of your talk, would you still go on the cruise?
On a cruise Part 10: If the above happened to a close friend, what advice would you give them? What would this make you think about their relationship and how their significant other feels about them?
This poll was created on 2013-06-12 22:26:17 by Kdecarlo@cfl.rr.com