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Women: when guys check out your boobs.

This is a poll for women with huge breasts. I'm wondering do you like when men stare? or not. As men we are raised being taught DO NOT LOOK at a womans boobs no matter what shes wearing. yet women say then enjoy it?? could you help me out?
What cup size are you
Are your boobs real?
Are you a good looking woman?
Yes, very
Quite Good looking, just really really busty
Average really I just have boobs to die for
How good looking are you? on a scale of 1-10. 6 being normal 10 being perfect.
11. I'm something else
Do you like having men look at your boobs as opposed to your face when talking to you?
The odd stare is ok just dont do too much examining
Theres a time and a place. When a man is chatting you up in a bar I like it but not at say a business meeting
Does it turn you on to see a man staring at your breasts
Yes I absolutely love it
I don't really care
What do you do when you see a man staring at your breasts normally
Let him, I love when men look there
Nothing, take it as a compliment
Give him a smile
nothing, not too happy though
Nothing I don't mind
Might be a little shocked
say it to him straight away
If he stares too much I may tell him to make eye contact, but a little is ok
If you say to a man "what are you looking at?". Whats his answer?
Looking at your boobs
I don't really say this
If you say to a man "What are you looking at?", what would you PREFER them to say?
Deny it : NOTHING!!!
Tell the truth : I'm looking at your boobs
Tell the COMPLETE truth : I'm looking at your huge boobs trying not to have a heart attack here. (well maybe not those exact words but say EXACTLY what hes thinking no matter how explicit)
A man said to me once if a woman is going to have them on huge display with a cleavage up to her neck and an outfit so tight you can see her nipples Its rude NOT to look. He said if their going to make a HUGE effort to show them off its rude NOT to look. Should we look or hide our emotions when women are dressed to kill?
LOOK: Enjoy yourself, get mesmerised, look as if your about to have a heart attack, drool and go weak at the Knees. If a woman makes a huge effort to show them off its because she wants attention.
LOOK: If she shows them off its for attention so do look. Just dont get in a hypnotic trance or drool or anything.
DON'T LOOK: That outfit was worn because it looks good, not to show off her boobs. Dont be a pervert.
The odd stare is ok
For those who selected the first answer would you advise saying "jesus you got a serious pair of boobs"? If your is allowing him to be in the trance?
That will flatter her
No. Don't say that
Depends there's a time and a place for a comment like this.
If a man was really distracted and looking discomforted when talking to you and said "I'm sorry but its r-r-really distracting talking to you in that...... you have...... really really nice boobs". Would you be offended?? If he was distracted unintentionally?
Laugh flattered
Slap him
get offended
Dont care. Its not my fault I look good.
Lots of men look disstracted at least he was honest enough to say it
Is this a smart thing to say to a woman?
If you saw a man was looking distracted when talking to you and trying his hardest NOT to look at your boobs. How would you feel?
Grab his attention by making sure hes making eye contact eg. "Aaaaaas I was saying...... Yes I'm up here."
I just wouldn't do anything. Maybe get a little shocked but I wouldn't say anything.
Get flattered. Its a compliment. I'd say nothing.
As men we are taught MAKE EYE CONTACT and DO NOT look no matter what. Would you rather we FORCED our self to make eye contact? or would you rather we hid nothing and did all the staring we wanted? I mean this for when talking to women IN GENERAL.
Yes. look as much as you want, whether that's a little or alot. Do not hide anything. Stare all day if you want, your even welcome to go into a trance.
Yes look we love the attention and find it a major torn on. Just not TOO much.
I don't mind the odd stare but don't do too much examining.
No its perverted, make eye contact when your speaking to us.
Theres a time and a place. Maybe at say a bar chatting her up but not in formal occasions.
If you see a man has not been paying attention to a single word you said because he is in a hypnotic trance staring at your boobs what do you do? Would you wake him
Let him stay there, its a turn on to see men drool like a zombie
Wake him up politely. Simply because I want to continue the conversation.
Wake him up very rudely. YES CONTINUING ON.....
If you were talking to a man who was in a deep hypnotic trance staring at your boobs on display with a growing bulge in his pants. What would you do?? Would you enjoy this?
Let his stay there, I wanna monitor the bulge
Wake him because I want to continue the conversation
I would wake him rudely. Boobs are not for staring
If you see a man is really distracted at your beauty and has a bulge in his pants what do you do
I would absolutely love this. I'd take it as an ego boost and maybe check out the nice bulge
Find it a little sexy, tha'ts all. Boost my ego a little and look at the nice bulge.
nothing I don't care
Nothing I may be a little shocked
nothing, get grossed out
get shocked and want to laugh
I have not seen this happen
A mix of all the above
If a man is staring and has a bulge what should he do?
Stay there so I can check it out
cover himself up he is embarassing himself
Would you ever wear a revealing outfit on purpose.
Yes I love it. I absolutely love men look as if their going to have a heart attack.
Yes. I have a few
No. I don't want men to stare.
I just dress to be myself like everyone else. I only really do this when I'm going to meet a man I find attractive.
Sometimes I just dress to look good. If it shows off my boobs that's just unintentional.
Have you ever work a revealing outfit on purpose when around a man with a girlfriend/wife to get his attention e.g. going for a coffee with a sexy man who is married. (who you wish was single so you could have him). And you were DRESSED TO KILL.
I've done it a few times
No I would never do that
No I just havent
Not yet but I'd love to
On the question. Do you wear revealing outfits on purpose when around a taken man. What was his reaction? e.g. going for a coffee with a sexy man who is married. (who you wish was single so you could have him). And you were DRESSED TO KILL.
Yes he looked really distracted and looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. I LOVED IT. I loved every second of it.
Yes. He tried not to stare the whole time. I was delighted.
Yes. He asked me out.
Yes he said "you have nice boobs"
NO!! I give up not even in an outfit like that can I get him to notice me :(
Any stories about this you?d like to tell me? About revealing outfits when around men who are taken?
When at the beach do you like knowing your going to be in a bikini? because you know your boobs will impress all the men?
I love it. I may even go up to them to see how distracted they get.
I love it.
I don't care
No, don't check me out
Have you ever been at the beach and had a man in a conversation stare non-stop at your boobs when he was wearing sunglasses. He thought you couldn't see him and you could?
I said to him out loud in front of everyone. "Are you aware I can see you staring at my boobs, don't think your glasses can hide it, you've been at it for like 5 mins you perv."
I said it to him. It was just us in the conversation.
I looked at him
I said nothing.
I privately said it to him afterwards.
This has not happened. Well not to my knowledge
When you said it to him what was his reaction
I publicly humiliated him the perv
He laughed in imbarassment
He said "you got nice boobs" and kept it up
Whats men's general reaction to seeing you in a bikini?
Have you ever been a specific outfit and walked towards a group of men and had them all distrasted. E.g. been in a bikini at the beach and said hello to guys you knew and were shocked by their reactions. you did this unintentionally?
What would you do if you were in a bikini or other revealing outfit and were talking to a man who was seriously examining your boobs. If he was really staring hard and looking very close.
take it a a compliment
Ask him what hes looking at
tell him to stop
say nothing
get a little shocked but I'd say nothing
Do men treat you differently when your in a revealing outfit?
Would you like it if a charming man paid you a compliment by saying he loved your boobs?
Yes I would like that to be the norm. Same as a man saying a woman in beautiful
No the pervert
Yes only if I knew him, very few men can get away with that
If a man you didn't know walked up to you and paid you a compliment by saying you have the most beautiful boobs hes seen in years and its really distracting how would you react. If he did this in a bar, beach public place ect.. If he was polite and charming.
I'd laugh out loud at the compliment, I cant believe this is happening.
Flattered I wish most men were this charming
I would treat this the same as any other sentence a person would say
think he is a weirdo
tell him to go away he is a pervert
Find it a little sexy but I wouldn't go mad
Would you continue talking to him? If you didn't mind/liked it
Maybe depends on what he was like
Would you like this as a chat up line?
maybe it depends on what he was like
Would you prefer if men were honest about their like for womens boobs.
I like the top. Shows off your nice boobs.
HOLY CRAP I've never noticed this but you got a serious pair of boobs!!
No I like how men pretend their hardest to deny that I look good.
Have you ever had a man honestly tell you as a compliment he liked your boobs
Yes very rarely most men hide it
Yes only really a boyfriend ect
yes more that you think
Would you like if a man told you that as you talked your boobs jiggled and he loved it
Would you advise saying "you have nice boobs" to a woman in general
Yes but only really if the time is right, if you knew her ect.
If a man you didn't know approached you and offered to pay you a fiver to touch your boobs would you let him?
tell him to go away and never speak to me again
How would you feel if a man in your social circle who you were on good terms with told you you have the most gourgous boobs on earth. If he was a friend. E.g. "Sandy are you aware you have the sexiest pair of jugs I've ever seen in my life, when you wore that bikini I thought I'd have a heart attack!!"
I'd love that
I would rather if men were this honest
I wouldnt mind
Roll my eyes and get a little peeved
I would rather not be told this
If your on good terms with a woman is this a good thing to say? If your friends
I would be flattered if a male friend said this to me
Yes but only if you know her well enough
No, just not the correct ting to say
No this is how you get a slap
As a good looking woman IN GENERAL is it flattering to see men with their jaw to the ground. E.g. someone calls to the door, you open it and two men look as if their going to have a heart attack when they see you and you say "yes??"
Yes flatteing
yes gets boring though
well it was but when your super hot like me you get bored of it when EVERY MAN YOU MEET DOES THIS
This rarely happens to me
If you were dressed to kill and showing your chest to its fullest and one man wasn't interested what would you do? e.g if every man was a drooling mess around you and one man playfully said "what was I supposed to be mesmerized?"
Forget about him
I would MAKE him attracted to me. Just wait till he sees me in a tube top and tight jeans!!! He will want me!!!
Get insulted
Do nothing
To sum up how do you feel when men stare at your breasts
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when men stare, especially when they become drooling zombies.
Flattering, I find it quite sexy when men look at them
I like when they look impressed just not when they stare like idiots
Dont mind the odd stare
Make eye contact please
I dont mind as long as he doesn't stare all night
Any funny stories you would like to tell me??
Did you enjoy taking this poll
Yes. Flattering
No. Your a perv.
Just something to do really.
Yes. Glad I could help you.
No. This was a waste of my time.
As a man how should I deal with my attraction for women with large breasts?? as a woman you tell me. Make eye contact?? tell her what I think of her boobs or just pick her up normally??
Did this poll turn you on?
Yes soaking wet
a little
not really
This poll was created on 2013-04-28 23:17:13 by ronny33