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Poll for boys who are scared of jumping over a vaulting-horse

Hi, do any boys get as scared as me about jumping over a vaulting-horse in PE (I mean with your legs apart, so if you don't make it over the vaulting-horse and land on it.....whack! Painful!) If you get as scared as me about this, please fill in my poll!
How frightened are you when you're waiting for your turn on the vaulting-horse?
VERY frightened
A bit scared
I'm not scared, I always get over it!
Do you usually get over the vaulting-horse, or do you end up landing on it and getting hurt?
I usually land on it.....owww!
I sometimes get over it, but I'm always scared I won't
I always get over it, that's why I'm never scared!
How painful is it when you do land on it and get whacked?
It's so painful it makes me cry
I don't cry, but I do ache there for the rest of the week!
It's not exactly brilliant when it happens, but I can cope
Ha-ha, it's never happened to me!
I hitch up my underpants as far as they'll go before I start off running, it helps a little if I do land on the vaulting-horse. Do any other boys do this?
Yes, every time
Yes, unless I'm too embarrassed about people seeing me fiddling with my underwear!
No, I leave my pants alone
It's alright for girls, they don't get hurt when they land on a vaulting-horse that way and they just smirk! Are any other boys jealous of girls for this? I know I am!
Yes, sometimes I just hate being a boy!
It's annoying, but I don’t mind it that much
I'm not jealous of girls for anything!
Hi, thanks for filling in my poll, and to any boys who had PE today I hope you didn't get hurt!
This poll was created on 2013-05-26 05:34:32 by Knickyshorts