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How should my son wear his belt?

I was reading all the opinions on belts, and how tight it should be, and I will enforce it on my son, and I need your honest opinions on how do you think he should wear his belt. I did not yet tell him that he will be required to wear one, but when I tell him I will show him the results of this poll, and then after we have a conversation about this, I will decide how he should wear his belt.
What material should the belt be?
How wide should it be?
Very wide (7-8 cm)
Wide (5-6 cm)
Normal (2-3 cm)
Thin (1 cm)
What color should it be?
How tight should he wear it?
Just to keep pants up
Extremely tight, as tight as I can possibly pull the belt.
I also want to require him to pull his pants up as high as possible, pulled up at least 5 cms over his natural waist, and very tightly secure it with a belt. I want him to look proper, and I think a very tighly tied belt around his waist would give him a feeling of discipline, and would improve his posture. Do you think this is reasonable?
Should I check his posture?
Yes, he should have a perfect, stiff posture at all times, when sitting and standing, shoulders pulled back, straight back, heads held straight, and knees and ankles should touch each other.
Yes, but you should not be so concerned about this, just tell him to pay attention to his posture.
He should sit however he wants to
Should he tuck in his shirt into the pants pulled up high and tighly secured with the belt?
Yes, he should tuck in his shirt
No, he should decide how he want to wear his shirt.
When he loosens his belt, how should I punish him?
No punishment, just tell him not to loosen it
Severe spanking with his belt that he loosened
Writing lines
Pull the belt tigher than it should be for a week, which will cause him discomfort at all times.
Do you also wear your belt a certain way? And if you have children, do you require them to wear belts, if so how? Please be exact and give details.
I think it would be a good idea if I put the belt on my son every morning, and the tightness would depend on his behavior. If he's good, then it will be tight just to remind him to behave and have manners, and if he misbehaves I pull it extremely tight which I would secure in a way that he cannot loosen it without my permission. Do you think this is acceptable, or too strict?
Acceptable, your son will behave
Too strict
Anything you would like to add about how my son should wear his belt and pants, or how you wear your own.
This poll was created on 2013-05-19 13:14:13 by JessyTay