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How spankings should be administered

Survey of views on how to administer spankings and other corporal punishment.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
16 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 40
41 - 50
What is your view of corporal punishment, including spanking, in raising children?
Should not be used at all
May be used in exceptional circumstances
Should be used frequently but part of a range of sanctions
Should be the main method of punishment
What forms of corporal punishment should be used?
Spanking, using the hand only
Spanking with an implement such as a slipper or hairbrush
Spanking with a paddle
Strapping with a leather belt or similar
Is there a lower age limit for spanking?
No, it depends on the child or how naughty they have been
Not younger than 4
Not younger than 6
Not younger than 8
Is there an upper age limit for spanking or other corporal punishment?
No, it depends entirely on the offence and attitude of the child
Yes, not after the age of 12
Yes, not after age 14
Yes, not after age 16
Should children ever be spanked by parents (or parental figures) of the opposite gender?
Yes, it doesn't matter
No, this is not acceptable
Preferably not but it may be necessary at times
Who would you allow to spank your child?
Nobody else but me (or my partner / spouse)
Other close family members
Trusted others, such as babysitters
Friends, for example if my child was staying over
Considering spanking with the hand, slipper or hairbrush, should the child be:
Fully clothed
Allowed one layer of clothing, e.g. Underwear or pyjamas
Have a bared bottom
Be completely undressed before being punished.
For punishment using a paddle, belt or cane, should the child be:
Fully clothed
Allowed one layer of clothing
Have a bared bottom
Be completely undressed
What position(s) do you prefer for your child to administer a spanking with your hand? Tick all that apply.
Across your lap?
Tucked under one arm?
Bent over a chair or table?
Face down over the side of the bed?
Bent over pillows placed on the side of the bed?
Lying face down on the bed?
What position (s) do you prefer to administer punishment with a cane, belt or paddle? Tick all that apply.
Bent over the back of a chair?
Bent across a table or desk?
Bending over and touching toes?
Face down on a couch or bed with a pillow under the hips?
How would you deal with persistent disobedience?
Spanking with hairbrush or slipper
Beating with a strap
Hand spanking
What is an appropriate punishment for lying?
Beating with a leather strap
Hand spanking
Spanking with slipper or hairbrush
What should be the punishment for stealing?
A caning
Spanking with the hand
A sound thrashing with a belt
Spanking with a hairbrush or slipper
How severe should a spanking be?
Hard enough to sting and leave some redness on the skin
Hard enough to cause significant pain and bruising
For a hand spanking of moderate severity, when should you stop spanking?
After a set number of spanks
When the child asks you to
When the child is genuinely crying
When you feel you have delivered a severe enough punishment
Using a cane or paddle, how many strokes / swats should you administer?
One per year of age
One per year of age plus a number that depends on how severe the wrongdoing has been
A set number, for example '6 of the best' or 'a dozen swats'
No fixed number, it will depend on the response of my child to their punishment
A 14 year old boy has persistently disobeyed you and has also lied about it. What punishment(s) would you consider appropriate?
A 15 year old girl has been stealing from you and has tried to conceal it. What punishment(s) would you consider appropriate?
Have you ever had any of the following punishments?
A bare bottom spanking with the hand
A bare bottom spanking with a slipper or hairbrush
A caning, whether on a clothed or bare bottom
A paddling, on clothed or bare bottom
If you answered yes to any of the above, please describe the punishment:
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