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Would you pee yourself?

This poll is to find out when would you pee in your pants. It is not trying to make you pee yourself.
You are at a movie, and the bathrooms are out of order. You really have to pee, but you don't know the next time you will get to see the movie, and it is in the most climatic part. Do you...
Get up and try to find a bathroom
Pee in your pants.
Pee in a cup
Pull your pants down and pee on the ground
You are home alone for the weekend. It is Saturday, and you are getting dressed. As you are standing naked in your room, you realize that you REALLY have to pee. You...
Pee where you are. Your naked anyways.
Sit down and pee on your bed.
Run to the bathroom naked.
Put on underwear and run to the bathroom
Take one of your little sisters diapers and pee in that, even though it might be to small.
You are at the beach, and your friend buried you in the sand. You really have to pee, but your friend spent almost an hour digging the hole and burying you. You don't want that time wasted. You...
Hold it.
Let your pee out in little bursts until you feel better
tell your friend to dig you up
pee in your suit.
attempt to pull down your suit and pee in the sand.
Undig your self, stand up, and pee in your suit anyways.
You are on a cruise, having fun. You are sitting in one of the beach chairs by the pool. You have been sitting there for a while, so your suit is dry. You really have to pee, but you don't want to get up. You...
Get up anyways
Hold it
Let it out in little bursts until the need passes
Pee in your suit and through the chair
Hold it and go to sleep
Hold it and go to sleep
You are at a new boyfriend/girlfriend's house. You really have to pee, but as you get up, you boyfriend/girlfriend tells you to just pee your pants. You...
Pee your pants. of course!
Leave, disgusted
Tell him/her to pee his/her pants first
say no, and get up to use the bathroom
You are walking home from school with your friend. Your house is still a mile away, and your bladder is so full its about to burst. You...
Tell your friend that you are going to pee your pants, then do so
Hold it even though its hopeless
Let it out in little bursts until the need has passed
Just pee your pants
Squat behind a tree and pee hard, leaving only a quarter-sized wet spot.
You choose to let it out in little bursts, but one burst is too big. You now have a teacup sized wet spot in your pants. you...
Just keep peeing. its not gonna matter
run like heck towards the nearest public restroom
squat and pee hard
keep attempting to hold it
For the previous question, say you choose hold it. But after another thirty minutes you accidentally pee a little bit. It doesn't show on your pants yet, but you know it will if you let any more out. You...
Just keep peeing. The relief is wonderful
Keep holding it even though its pointless
Hold it until you can pull over on the side of the road, even though by that time, your bladder might be empty
Pull down your pants, and pee on the seat.
This poll was created on 2013-05-10 11:27:50 by Marissa Enchante