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Guns culture in America

I wanted to see how other Americans feel about guns and if you don't own one what you feel about gun owners in general ***Please non-Americans go to the results page. Thanks. ***
Lets start out with your age?
<9 and less
65+ Senior citizens.
What is your gender?
Are you American?
I'm a bred, born and raised, red blooded American!
I am an immigrant of the US with full citizenship status.
No, I am not American. (Best move on to the results then. I'm trying to get purely American sample for this poll)
Just a general question regarding the 2nd Amendment and firearm ownership. Does the 2A grant citizens the right to own any firearm they want?
Absolutely, Lawful gun owners should own anything they want.
Yes, For the most part. Own what you would like with a few exceptions such as limits on high capacity mags and some military style rifles.
Sorta, I'm OK with it for hunting, target shooting and having a handgun or shotgun in the home for self defense. People don't need all that extra fire power.
No. I don't want to see guns in civilian hands. Only the police and military should have firearms.
What firearms are you OK with in the hands of law-abiding Americans? You can pick more than one.
CLASS 3 Firearms: Full auto (machine gun) M-16's, Silencers for pistols, Shotguns shorter than <18" and various other devices such as live grenades and such.
Semi-Auto military style weapons: These include single shot M4A1's , AK-47's, Ruger Mini-14's, UZI's (One pull, one shot and the weapon cycles a new round)
Hunting guns and shotguns: These are your basic large and small game hunting rifles with a scope. They are single shot rifles with a manual reload. Most shotguns fall in here too.
Handguns: Handguns fall into semi-auto and revolver styles.
None of the above. No guns for anyone.
How do you feel about concealed carry? Concealed carry is where an applicant after passing mental and criminal checks gets issued (By the Sheriff or other law enforcement) a "licence to carry" card allowing him to carry his handgun loaded and concealed about his person for his own personal protection.
Concealed carry is cool. No issue here. I have one or would like to get one.
I'm ok with it, I just worry about potentially untrained citizens with guns doing dumb things. All it takes is for a fight to escalate and someone could be dead.
I don't feel comfortable knowing I'm in a state where thousands are walking around with loaded guns.
Concealed carry should be banned nation wide.
How do YOU interpret the 2nd Amendment?
What it says, word for word. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
It's an individual right, but does have some stipulations. The founders couldn't have seen weaponry today when they wrote it.
It applies to the state militia only, or in this case the National Guard in each state.
I say we repeal it!
Where are you geographically in the US?
In the North East (PA north to Maine)
In the Mid Atlantic
The Deep South (Includes East Texas)
The Bluegrass states (TN, KY, WV)
The Great Lake Area (OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, MN)
Plain States from (OK on up to ND)
Rocky Mountain States
Desert Southwest (AZ, NM, SoCA, West TX)
West Coast
Alaska and Hawaii
Would you like to see more responsible Americans buying guns?
How do you feel when you are in the presence of someone who is using or is in close proximity to a gun?
Awesome, can I look at it? (After the breech is clear of course)
I don't mind, you guys do your thing. I just dont want to mess with it.
I get anxious and feel the need to calmly leave.
I'll freak out and leave in a hurry.
I won't even get near the excitement to begin with.
Do more guns add to crime problems, or do they make it worse?
More guns means less crime. Criminals will think twice about who they are going to attack.
Why is having more of something going to cause less of it. The more there are the easier it is for kids or crooks to get a hold of them.
Last question. Do you currently own a firearm? It doesn't matter how many or what kind. Simple yes or no answer to tie this pool up.
This poll was created on 2013-05-11 01:17:44 by Pro2a