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Should I make this bet?

Ive been thinking about this but I want your opinion. Heres the bet I want to make: I want to bet against my female friend in a game of tic tac toe. If she wins, I will go to school in storebought girls underwhere.(pantys and a bra) But if I wins she will half to go to school in an adult diper, but she doesnt need to use it. I will ofcourse be paying for everything (ever the diper or the bra and pantys). And while she needs to get the over sized bra and pantys (Im quite the bit taller...and fater than her) seh gets to explain that 'My frend lost a bet to me'. So should I do this?

Like the text above, should I make this a bet, becuse right now at time of writing this is just an idea.

81% (18) Go for it, YOLO!
0% (0) Not worth the risk.
18% (4) I say go for it, but she probably wont.

22 voters have answered this question.

If I lose, what color of bra and pantys should I buy? (Doesnt really matter,ill be whereing them under my clothes as she will if she loses and puts on a dyper)

28% (6) Pink.
0% (0) Brown.
4% (1) White.
0% (0) Orange.
9% (2) Red.
0% (0) Blue.
0% (0) Green.
4% (1) Black.
0% (0) Purple.
0% (0) Silver.
0% (0) Gold.
0% (0) Light blue.
0% (0) Bright red.
47% (10) Hot pink.
4% (1) Yellow.
0% (0) Beige.

21 voters have answered this question.

In the moring of the day of the punshmint, after puting on the punshmint undys, should the loseer take a pic of them in the undys and then show it to the winer to prove that there whereing it? (Note if she loses and takes the pic , she will have a shirt on.)

95% (21) Yes.
4% (1) No.

22 voters have answered this question.

Final qustion, do you think this bet will hurt our friendship or not?

9% (2) Yes it will! Dont make it!
90% (20) No it wont, its just in good fun!

22 voters have answered this question.

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