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I will make you pee your pants

If you don't want to pee yourself, leave now!
How bad do you need to pee?
0-1 not at all
2-5 a little but I could hold for hours
5-7 getting pretty uncomfortable
7-10 won't make it another 15 minutes
Go drink a glass of water. Wait five minutes. What happened?
Need to pee a little more
Need to pee a LOT more
Spread you legs WIDE. Don't hold you crotch. Stay like that for 10 seconds. What happened?
I totally peed
I squirted
Need to go A LOT more
Do 25 jumping jacks. What happened?
I can't do jumping jacks in the first place
I peed myself
I really need to go now
I'm spurting
Go drink another glass of water, wait 5 minutes. Outcome?
I peed
I really can't hold on
I'm squirting my pants
Push your bladder HARD for 30 seconds. And...?
I'm soaking wet
Damp patch
Really need to go now
You're doing good. How wet are you?
Not at all
Underwear are wet, not showing.
Wet patch (small) on pants
Large wet spot on pants
Soaking wet, don't need to go anymore. (You can go now:)
Go sit on the toilet, with your pants ON. Sit there, relax, for 30 seconds. What happened?
I peed through my pants
I started squirting at the end
I really have to go now, BAD.
You may cross your legs,but not hold your crotch. Go STAND near a sink. Run the water for 15 seconds. Listen to it drip, drop, drip, and watch it pour into the sink. What did it do?
I made a puddle
Almost peed, really need to go now,
I squirted into my underwear
Let out a few squirts of pee. What happened?
I let out a few squirts, and stopped
I couldn't stop
I almost couldn't stop, and my pants are pretty wet.
Relax, and picture this. You finally get to the bathroom. You start peeing. The warm pee floods out of you. You hear the drip, drop, drip, drop, as it pours into the (toilet) water. Ahhhhhhh, your so relaxed....
Couldn't hold it, I peed
I almost couldn't hold it,I squirted.
Nothing, but I need to go worse.
I'm not done yet! Drink another 2 glasses and wait 5 minutes.
I'm wet
Wet spot
Can't stop squirting, okay, no, okay I'm good.
If you made it this far, nice! If not, MWAHHAHAHAHA! Okay, go and pee! Or clean it up off the floor.
I'll leave feedback
I won't leave feedback
Nice poll!!
Awful poll!
This poll was created on 2013-05-03 20:43:16 by Mememememememe