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If you were my 18 year old, mean, yet popular brother

Imagine you are an 18 year old and you have a younger brother that is 3 years younger than you, you are really strong and muscular, you are mean to your brother and could do whatever you wanted to him, what would you do..?
It's the weekend and you wake up before your younger brother, how do you wake him?
You throw cold water over him
You hang him by the underwear that he sleeps in, as a hanging wedgie
You shout at him until he wakes up
You give him a different wedgie
You leave him to sleep for longer
You're brother has been awake for a while, you get bored, so you decided to...
Pull your trousers down, then sit on his face and fart
Punch and kick him a few times
Strip him to his underwear and shove him outside
Give him a normal wedgie
Hang him by his underwear on a tree in the back garden
Give him a swirlie
You get bored of being mean to your brother by yourself so you invite your 3 close mates round, when they get there you and your mates to what? (Include doing things to your younger brother. You can do anything you want)
It's Monday morning and you and your brother have school. He is practically begging you to drive him so he doesn't have to take the bus. You say you'll drive him to school if...
You go to the school gym at break, then at lunch you..
Go to the gym again
Play football with some mates
Find your younger brother and take him to the toilets and give him some swirlies
Find your younger brother and give him wedgies
Find your younger brother and take him to the football team to mess around with him
Find your younger brother and hang him by his underwear in the girls changing rooms, so he's in there when cheerleaders finish their practise
You drive your younger brother home and your parents aren't back yet, so you.. (Include things you do to your younger brother, maybe add what your brother is doing for you when you said he would give him a ride to school)
Your parents get home a few hours later, you all have dinner, then go to bed. But before you go to sleep you go to your younger brothers bed and you..
Make it so your younger brother has to stay in a wedgie all night
Wait for him to be asleep and draw on him in permanent marker pen
Wait for him to be asleep and put his hands in water so he pees himself
Give him a normal wedgie
This poll was created on 2011-07-28 09:43:42 by BrillRyan25