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Spanking in Retrospect

One day when I was 12, I did something pretty bad and was not punished for it. Without getting into too much detail, I threw a very loud and public tantrum in the mall with my mom for... no real reason. I was never once spanked growing up, but I have always felt like I absolutely deserved one that day. I often think if I'd had the courage, I should have asked my mom to spank me. Please put yourself in my mom's shoes that day and consider what you think I should have done, and how you would have reacted.
What should I have done, if I could go back to 12 and do it?
Write mom a letter, describing my guilt and requesting punishment
Directly talk to mom, describing my guilt and let her handle it as she sees fit
Directly talk to mom, and specifically ask her to punish me
Knowing that spanking is the punishment I feel like I deserved, should I:
Not specifically request a spanking, leaving the punishment entirely to mom
Ask for a spanking
Ask for a spanking and detail the specifics
In the following ff you were my mom, what detailed specifics would you feel were most appropriate (I marked what I feel I deserved with an asterisk): Where
living room
my bedroom *
mom's bedroom
immediately after our discussion
after a short time to think about it *
much later (before bed)
over the knee *
laying on the bed
bending over a piece of furniture
bending over grabbing ankles
State of Outerwear
fully clothed
pants pulled down *
pants removed entirely
Removal of Outerwear
mom pulls them down as I stand *
mom order me to pull them down
State of Underwear
underwear on
underwear on, but "wedgied"
underwear pulled down just past bottom
underwear pulled down to knees *
underwear pulled down to ankles
underwear removed entirely
Removal of Underwear
mom pulls them down as I stand *
mom pulls them down after putting me in position
mom orders me to pull them down
Lecturing / Pre-Spanking / Nudity (if removals)
lecture occurs before baring
lecture occurs after shorts removed, before underwear
lecture occurs after totally bared, facing mom
lecture occurs after placed in position *
no lecture
hand *
wooden hairbrush *
plastic bathbrush
wooden spoon
ruler / yardstick
light paddle (ping pong style) *
heavy paddle (school principal style)
fixed number: double my age (24) *
fixed number: 20-30
fixed number: 40-50
fixed time: 2 minutes
fixed time: 3-4 minutes
fixed time: 5-6 minutes
conditional: until I cry
conditional: until I cry hard / sob
conditional: until I go limp sobbing
steady, measured spanks
slow, methodical spanks
rapid spanks
varied, unpredictable with slow periods and rapid periods *
Bottom Condition when Finished
firery red, some bruising *
red/purple, vast bruising
black and blue, severely beaten
After this, my first spanking, should I request a change in discipline?
Request spankings for only the worst of misbehavior
Request all punishments are spankings; including lighter spankings for lesser infractions and severe spankings for worse misbehavior
Request for a formal demerit program where the week's misbehavior is tallied on Sunday night and is punished with one or more spankings as per a determined system
If requesting a scheme with lighter spankings, what makes it lighter?
shorter duration
less severe implement or hand only
less hard spanks
keep underwear on
offered a choice of underwear-on implement spanking or bare hand spanking
If requesting a scheme with "moderate" spankings, what makes it lighter than the severe spanking but more severe than the light spanking?
duration in-between the two
combo of less severe implement, but longer duration
less severe implment only
offered a choice of long-duration hand spanking or short-duration implement spanking
If requesting a scheme with a range of light/moderate/severe spankings as appropriate for all misbehavior, how often would typical 12 year old behavior find me getting spanked, on average?
multiple times per week
about once a week
a few times a month
about once a month
less than 12 times annually
While mom has final control over punishment spankings, should we also agree on a "no questions asked" policy where I can request a spanking without saying why?
yes, and receive a moderate spanking
yes, and receive a severe spanking
yes, and permit me to request all the specifcs on a form with checkboxes
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