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What should ABC do about Castle's "Pit Bull" line?

What should ABC do about the "Pit Bull" line in last night's episode of Castle?
Cancel the show.
Fire Marlowe and the inter production and writing staff who let it happen.
Fine everyone who works on the show.
Fire Stana Katic for saying the line and not speaking out against it.
Let the show finish season five but not pick it up for season six.
Leave the show as is there was nothing wrong with the line.
Leave the show as is the line was not that bad.
Run a show in Castle's timeslot next week about how Pit bull have never attacked a human.
Force anyone who wants to keep their jobs to give money to pit bull shelters every year.
Never rerun the episode or release it on DvD and remove it from the website.
Fire Marlowe for writing the episode but let everyone else keep their jobs.
Fire Stana Katic for saying the lines.
Fire the director for filming the scene.
Fire Marlowe,Katic,and the director but don't punish anyone else.
Replace Castle with a show about a man or woman who rescues Pit bulls.
This poll was created on 2013-04-17 01:27:27 by doctorwho507