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Romantic Rivals - women only

Every one of us (women) will have to battle another woman over a man. some uf us have only done it once and some of us have done it multiple times. Here are some questions about those challenges
How many times have you "battled" another woman over a man?
Three times
More than three times
What is your best strategy to "win" these situations?
I dress to kill to intimidate the other woman
I dress to kill to impress the guy
I do both, dress to kill to intimidate the other woman, and dress to kill to impress the guy
Has an actual catfight with the other woman ever happened?
No, never
Yes, once
Yes, more than once
Did you entertain the idea of catfighting the other woman?
No, never
Yes, but I did not actually fight her
Yes, and I did have a catfight with her
Instead of a catfight with the other woman, what if there was a more civil way to settle it? The two women would dress to kill and then a group of people determined the winner, based on dress, style, attitude, bod, presentation, etc. The winner would then get the opportunity to actually squash the losing woman flat as a large round pancake, like in the cartoons. She would not be hurt at all, just flattened into a pancake for a couple of days. Would you agree to do it?
Yes, in a heartbeat. I could flatten her and not even break a nail.
No, I would not want to risk getting flattened by the other woman
Do you win or lose more in these situations?
I win more than I lose
I lose more than I win
I win about the same as I lose
My name is and my age is and I would love to flatten (or would have love to have flattened) and her age is
This poll was created on 2013-04-15 18:05:51 by Jane's arena