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My pink bikini promise.

Hi, I dont want my name on the internet but I will tell you this: Im 15,male,and straight.I said that next year (2014) if one of my friends gave me a pink bikini I would where it for pink day. But only if it fits(im not exactly thin). They will most likely forget before then, but I just incase thay don't forget I want too here from you guys on what should I do.

First qustion is the most obvious: should I go through with this?

63% (23) Yes, you should. It will help stop bullying!
2% (1) A some what fat dude in a bikini!? Heck no!
22% (8) I would LOVE to see that! *Evil grin*
0% (0) You will go to heck for crossdressng!!
11% (4) Just say it was a memory test.

36 voters have answered this question.

So if I through with this, the next qustion is: do I where anything else?

61% (22) Just the bikini!
8% (3) Where it on top of your normal clothes.
30% (11) Where it undeneath your clothes. (I didnt say where I would where it)

36 voters have answered this question.

Do think I would get in trouble for this? (I live in canada, some where in South Ont)

77% (27) Im sure you wont if you say it was part of pink day.
2% (1) Your allready trouble with god, stop making this poll and start repenting!
20% (7) You will for defing the dress code.

35 voters have answered this question.

Thanks for voteing, and remember this was not sexual. This is somthing that could be happing or not.

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