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Queen Chrysalis

OK, I already did the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic poll, but here's one about the villain, Queen Chrysalis. Dark, sinister, malevolent, Knight of Cerberus, and often tied with Discord at the top of the villain competition.
Is Queen Chrysalis best villain?
She became the best villain when Discord turned good
Chrysalis returns in the comics. Do you view them as canon?
If you view the comics as non-canon, then what do you think becomes of Chrysalis after her defeat in A Canterlot Wedding?
Killed from the fall
Banished forever
Will return someday
If Chrysalis returns in Season 4, what will her appearance be like?
Main villain for two episodes
Main villain for one episode
Reforming her like Discord
Surprise appearance at the end
Cameo and death at the beginning like Blofeld in For Your Eyes Only
Pairup with new villain in two-parter
Skeleton laying in the place she fell
Of the villains that inspired Chrysalis or resemble her in any other way, which resemblance was your most favorite?
Maleficent (with the green fire transformation)
Ursula (with the manipulating Shining Armor into thinking she was his true love)
Lamia (again with the green fire, and feeding off love like Lamia would eat a Star's heart, also is defeated in a similar way)
Zelda from The Swan Princess 3 (with the green fire dome)
Lord Voldemort (Not just green magic, but duel with Celestia, no room in her heart for love, and changelings shattering barrier)
Roodaka (ruler of insectoid race, both voiced by Kathleen Barr with the same voice)
Team Rocket (blasting off again!)
Other (if I'm missing any)
Which word would you use to describe Chrysalis?
We wanted Discord to return, and we got that, but some were disappointed to see him turn good. If Chrysalis makes a one-episode return, they're likely to do one of the following. Which would you rather it be?
Killed off for real like Sombra
Turned good like Discord
What are you going to do when you're done this poll?
Watch A Canterlot Wedding
Watch another MLP episode
Watch X-Men
Watch an Avengers movie
Watch something else
Do something else
Go to bed
Shoot fireballs at my friends
This poll was created on 2013-03-18 22:56:54 by Ghostkaiba297