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Horrifying Prison for Teenage Boys

You have been captured by masked guards that blindfold you and drive you to an undisclosed location in some unknown locale. Once inside the facility, your mask is removed and you are inside the processing room of a teen boys' prison. You are now a prisoner for a crime you are innocent of. The boys in the prison, like you, are in the 13 to 19 year old range. They are attired in various ways.
What is your gender?
Female (please leave now and escape this prison, you do not belong here)
What is your age (13 to 19 year old males only)?
12 and younger (please leave now and escape this prison, you do not belong here)
20 and older (please leave now and escape this prison, you do not belong here)
You are now instructed to be attired yourself for prison. For each choice listed for the following three poll questions, realize that there is a near equal distribution of boys attired in the following choices. The prison is warm inside. What is your choice of footwear?
slip on sandals with socks
socks only with a clean pair issued once a week
flip flops with no socks
What is your choice of shirt?
long sleeve T-shirt
short sleeve T-shirt
sleeveless T-shirt
tank top
shirtless (no shirt)
What is your choice of pants?
long prison type pants
gym shorts
The guard locks you into a cell that you share with another boy (your age). He has been imprisoned here for several months. What do you do at this point?
introduce yourself to your cellmate
take a seat or lie down and say nothing until your cellmate talks
stand at the cell door looking out into the corridor hoping this is only a bad dream
begin sobbing and perhaps panicking
other (please explain)
The following morning you see your cellmate at the cell door. You join him and see other boys looking out their barred doors. They are staring at a shackled inmate being led out of the corridor by two guards. The shackled inmate's otherwise blank expression shows extreme fear. He is being led toward a menacing looking hooded figure in a black robe. You think the hooded figure resembles an executioner. You might be wondering if those guards might come for you sometime. How do you react?
I do nothing but perhaps only worry a little bit.
I become concerned enough to ask my cellmate what is going on.
I would probably feel butterflies in my stomach, lie down and tremble.
I would probably feel my heart pounding against my ribs, lie down and panic.
other (please explain)
A couple months have gone by, and you wake up one morning and two guards are standing at your cell door with shackles. You and your cellmate stare at each other wide-eyed wondering who they will take. It looks to be the same guards that you saw take the shackled inmate to the hooded executioner type figure earlier. Who do you want the guards to take?
I want the guards to take me.
I want the guards to take my cellmate.
One of the guards announces who they have come for. It is you. You are told to rise on your feet and approach the cell door which the guards have begun to open. What is closest to what you do and feel?
I am brave, no worries, I will take whatever is coming, "Goodbye cellmate."
I stick out my chest to act brave as I approach the guards, but I am scared.
My heart is in overdrive, my stomach is swarming with butterflies, I feel faint.
I passed out as soon as I saw the guards.
other (please explain)
The guards shackle you and take you to a room where a prison official greets you and demands you stand before him. The official announces that you will be executed the following morning. What do you do and feel?
whatever, let's just do it, I don't care
I knew it was coming, I just knew I would be executed, I feel scared
get angry and yell at the official, demand to see an attorney
try to escape in this hopeless situation
feel knees shaking and giving out, heart is pounding, feeling faint, plea for my life
other (please explain)
Before being led to a holding cell, you are allowed one five minute phone call. Besides the obvious choices of family or friends, it can also be arranged to talk on the telephone to your cellmate back in the cell in the corridor. Who do you decide to call?
my parent(s) or guardian
a friend
a girlfriend (love interest)
a boyfriend (love interest)
your cellmate
other (please explain)
I wish to talk to no one.
The guards now lead you to a holding cell where you will remain until your execution the following morning. An official enters your holding cell and asks if you would like your execution to be private (with only two guards, an official, a doctor, and the executioner) or public (several witnesses including selected members of the general public and a few journalists). Which do you choose?
private execution
public execution
The official now requires that you select the method of execution to be used on you the following morning at which time you will be required to wear only a pair of black boxer type shorts. Each choice varies in pain and suffering, and in the length of time the method brings about death. However, the more severe the method of execution, the more benefits that will be given to someone of your choice. You have the power to make your family, friend, love interest or other financially more secure. Which method of execution do you choose?
HANGING---Death will arrive quickly after your neck is snapped. Due to the quickness of this method, no benefits are offered to your family, friend, love interest or other.
FIRING SQUAD---A group of several riflemen will fire several bullets into your heart simultaneously. Your heart will be destroyed in an instant and death will be quick. Your family, friend, love interest or other will receive no benefits.
SINGLE BULLET GUNSHOT---Although similar to the firing squad, only one rifleman will be shooting you. And the bullet is of such a type and caliber to cause a slower death than with the firing squad. After the bullet hits you in the heart, you have the potential to suffer approximately five minutes of agonizing pain as your heart fights the bullet. Your family, friend, love interest or other will receive 10,000 US dollars.
ARROW---An archer will shoot an arrow into your heart. You have the potential to suffer approximately five minutes of agonizing pain as the arrow twitches to each of your struggling heartbeats. Your family, friend, love interest or other will receive 10,000 US dollars.
ELECTRIC SURGE--- Rather than delivering shocks, this device (whose electrodes are plugged into a current conducting box) delivers pulses or surges of muscle penetrating current which can contract the muscles rhythmically. You are instructed to sit up on a table. A sticky electrode pad is adhered to your back directly behind your heart region. You are instructed to lie down. Lying on your back, you are bound to the table. Two sticky electrode pads are stuck onto the soles (bottoms) of both your feet. Two elastic electrode bands are placed around both your big toes. A suction cup is placed over your belly button which sucks the pit of your belly button up to the top of the cup to meet an electrode. Finally, a round sticky electrode pad is placed on your sternum over your heart. These seven devices are plugged into the control box and the execution is ready to proceed. You feel the soles of your feet and big toes get hit with the current as your toes curl under your arching feet. Your toes dance back and forth as the intense electrical impulses show their power. Next, the electrode atop your belly button (in the suction cup) is turned on. You feel the sharp current dive through your belly button and buzz deep in your lower stomach as the current travels downward through your legs down to your feet. The surging current remains on to these five devices for about five minutes before being lowered into a barely perceivable buzz. At this moment you are asked for last words. The remaining two devices (the electrode pads adhered to your your back and sternum) will be activated sending a deadly current through your heart. This painful current will pulsate for one minute causing your chest to contract up and down. The two electrodes will then deliver a stronger and steady non-pulsating current that will grip your heart in a death hold. At this time, your chest will remain flexed upward with your ribcage remaining extremely pronounced. The tortuously painful current causes you to succumb to cardiac arrest in approximately five minutes or more. Your family, friend, love interest or other will receive 25,000 US dollars.
CHEST SUSPENSION---Two large piercing hooks are pierced through the upper left and right sides of your chest (the pecs). The hooks are connected to chains that will pull you up off the floor and leave you suspended off the floor by only the hooks in your chest. You will be left hanging by your chest until death. This may take more than a day. The pain is grueling. It is difficult to find any comfort. Your head wants to lie back, but that puts strain on your neck. And laying it forward with your chin against your chest feels awkward too. As the skin of your chest is pulled upward, the tightness of the skin compresses against your ribcage making breathing more difficult as time goes by. Your ribcage will be seen very pronounced, and your stomach will look sucked in. But that is the nature of this suspension. And as a result, your lungs are suffering. Finally, as time goes by, your heart is taxed as it works overtime to compensate for the decreased efficiency of your lungs to produce sufficient oxygen. You realize the end is near as you feel your heart beating irregularly and strangely as it raps against your ribs and sternum, as if someone were softly tapping your chest. The tapping feel grows stronger and stronger as your heart feels like it is trying to burst out of your chest. Your stomach heaves in and out violently as your ribcage compresses wildly as you convulse. Your heart is giving out as it enters its last desperate grip on life. Your head goes backward, and with your mouth open fighting for breath, you go into cardiac arrest as your heart gives up. Death has arrived after many hours, or possibly over a day. Your family, friend, love interest or other will receive 50,000 US dollars.
You try to find sleep this night before the morning of your execution. But can you sleep? What will this night most likely be like for you?
I will relax and find sleep.
I will worry myself to sleep.
I will toss and turn as I am too terrified and worried to sleep.
I will pace the holding cell back and forth most of the night.
I will cry most of the night.
other (please explain)
The morning of your execution has arrived. A guard steps into your cell and awakens you (if you are asleep). He orders you to attire yourself in only the pair of black boxer type shorts that he now hands to you. He now orders you to stand before him as he places shackles on your wrists and ankles. How do you feel?
I feel brave and am ready to be executed.
I am empty of emotions and just stand here blank faced.
I am shaking uncontrollably as my pounding heart races.
I pass out.
other (please explain)
The guard leads you out of the holding cell toward the execution chamber. You are led down the corridor past where your original cell was. The concrete floor feels extra cold on your bare feet. Your cellmate sees you. He begins crying. You look at him. What do you say to him, if anything?
I say nothing and look straight ahead where the executioner waits for me.
I say nothing but keep looking at him until I pass his cell.
I'm too busy panicking to realize anyone around me.
I look at him and tell him____________ (please state what you tell him).
other (please explain)
You are rigged up to whatever execution device you chose. If by firing squad, single gunshot or arrow, you are strapped against a wooden post. If by hanging, the noose is around your neck. If by the electric surge device, the moment before the electrode pads on your sternum and back (the ones whose current will pass through your heart) are turned on. And if by chest suspension, the moment the chains just barely begin pulling at your hooked skin. The executioner now asks for your final words. Do you have final words?
Yes, I have final words and they are _______(please state your final words).
No, I do not have any final words.
A guard offers you the following, which one do you take, if any?
a hood to cover your head
a blindfold to cover your eyes
no hood and no blindfold. I want to see what happens during my execution.
Just before your execution is carried out, you receive a last minute option. If you accept the option your life will be spared, but you will remain in a special cell for 20 hours every day dressed in only the black boxer shorts. If you choose against the option, your execution will now be carried out. The option will have you bound to a table on your back for 20 hours of each day for the rest of your life. Four strong non-deadly snakes will secure your hands and feet by wrapping around your wrists and ankles and holding you firmly down on the table. You will often feel their hissing tongues against your fingers and toes. One dozen special tarantulas will take residence on your body during this time. Although they explore all parts of your body, the large eight-legged creatures take special delight in walking around on your chest and stomach as they seem to be attracted to movement (your breathing and heartbeat). Your four hours of each day out of this cell allows you to eat and exercise in the recreation yard. Please state your choice for this option.
I accept this option for the rest of my natural life.
I do not accept this option. I wish my execution to be carried out at this time.
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