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James Bond villains

I was going to do a standard James Bond poll (favorite movie, favorite Bond, etc.) but there's already a few of those so I'll make this one about the villains of the original series, and their death scenes (which all other polls are missing). That being said, contains spoilers.
Favorite villain?
Dr. No
Rosa Klebb
Auric Goldfinger
Emilio Largo
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Dr. Kananga / Mr. Big
Francisco Scaramanga
Karl Stromberg
Hugo Drax
Aris Kristatos
Kamal Khan
Max Zorin
Georgi Koskov
Brad Whitaker
Franz Sanchez
Alec Trevelyan / Janus
Elliot Carver
Gustav Graves
Favorite onscreen death for the main villain? (saying "onscreen" coz Koskov is presumably killed offscreen)
Dr. No (lowered into boiling radioactive water)
Rosa Klebb (shot by Romanova)
Goldfinger (sucked out plane window)
Largo (harpooned in back by Domino)
Kananga (inflated and exploded by Bond with shark gun pellet)
Scaramanga (shot by Bond who imitates a mankin)
Stromberg (shot four times by Bond)
Drax (shot by Bond with poison dart and ejected into space)
Blofeld (dropped down an industrial chimney by Bond)
Kristatos (knife thrown at his back by Columbo)
Kamal Khan (crashes plane and explodes)
Zorin (falls from Golden Gate Bridge)
Whitaker (crushed under pillar by Bond)
Sanchez (set on fire by Bond, later blown up when this causes tanker to explode)
Alec Trevelyan (platform blown up and sent crashing down on him)
Carver (ground up by Bond with giant drill)
Renard (stabbed with rod of plutonium ejected out of nuclear reactor by Bond)
Graves (electrocuted by Bond then sent flying into a jet turbine)
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