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My new dress code

Hi there, My Mom wants a new dress code for me. She wants me to be classic, conservative and strict. But we have different opinions, what that means. So I create this poll. Please choose, what you think what would be classic, conservative and strict.
The dress at top:
A simple Top
A simple pullover
A blouse
A classic blouse (not button up)
A classic blouse (buttoned to the top)
What should be add?
A cardigan (with zipper)
A cardigan (with buttons)
A blazer
A pullover
At bottom:
Dress pants
Jeans are also ok
A skirt, knee lenght
A skirt ankle lenght
Pleated skirts
A pinafore dress
Wear tights?
If you choose button up blouse, how should collar be?
Very tight to neck
Normal tight to neck
That is not important
Should something add to collar?
Yes, a brooch
Yes, a bow
Yes, a tie
Yes, a bow tie
No, no need
What kind of shoes?
Flat shoes
High heels
What about the hairstyle? (I have long, dark blonde hair)
As you wish.
Do a strict bun
Do a strict braid
A pony tail is enough
No long hair, cut it!
If you choose cut, how?
A normal nice bob haircut
A bob with buzzed nape
A nice pixie haircut
What do you think about the idea of dress code?
It is a good idea, I will do it for my children as well.
This is totally stupid!
I hope my Mom will not see this poll
An intersting idea. Could be good for me, will talk to Mom about it
I have no opinion
This poll was created on 2013-02-04 19:45:31 by Alexandra222