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Dangerous Prank

For the last year, 7-year-old Emma's mother has been sending her to self-defense lessons every week that focus on striking attackers in the groin. On thanksgiving, her mother takes her to visit their aunt and uncle and cousin Jacob who they see only once a year.

9-year-old Jacob is much bigger and taller than Emma. Emma wonders what affect her self-defense technique will have on him, so as soon as she comes in the door she runs towards him full speed, jumps into the air and stomps her heel directly into the unsuspecting boy's scrotum. The full crushing moment of her body is divided between his left and right testicles!

How dangerous or acceptable is this prank?

Thank-you for your participation.

Do you think this prank is funny?
Yes, very!
Yes, a little.
No, not really.
It is not funny at all.
How do you think Emma's mother should react to the incident?
Do nothing. Kids do this all the time.
She should yell at and lecture Emma.
She should ground Emma.
She should spank Emma.
Its the mother fault to begin with for sending her to such lessons.
How long do you think Jacob's balls will hurt from this?
Less than an hour.
Less than half a day.
Less than one day.
Less than two days.
More than two days.
A strike to a boy's groin can cause intense pain and nausea, but it can also increase risk of testicle cancer or cause hormonal or reproductive problems later. How much risk do you think Jacob is at of developing permanent testicular injury?
None whatsoever.
There is a slight chance.
There is a reasonable chance.
There is a large chance.
It is certain.
This poll was created on 2012-12-18 09:40:16 by fdostoevski