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Being Given "the Hook" humiliation. Getting yanked away against your will

I developed a lot of quirks from my cousins. They used to "give me the hook" -you know, like in old cartoons, where a performer would be failing to entertain his audience a huge hook cane would come out and yank the humiliated character off stage to the laughter of the audience. When we were kids, my cousins found a cane shaped like a hook that was the perfect size to go around my neck or my waist. They would make me perform for them-put on whatever silly little act I could think of-tell jokes, dance, sing (badly) then they would "Boooo!" me--throw things at me and yell "give him the hook!" after which one would put the hook around me and yank me away. I would beg for a second chance but it wouldn't matter. Call me a masochist but I loved this! Sometimes they would make me perform in front of the whole family while they were having Sunday morning coffee-the whole family would booo me and throw baked goods and yell "give him the hook!" and they would give it to me in front of everyone! Maybe I'm weird but this poll is for anyone else who likes this kind of funny humiliation:
Have you ever seen cartoons or shows/movies where a character is "given the hook"? Here is a scene of Donald Duck getting the hook in an old cartoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53VUs8dlUt4
Yes, I've seen this happen
nope never heard of it
Do you think these types of scenes are funny?
yeah-love the hapless losers getting humiliated in front of an audience!
no-it's dumb and mean
Would you want to be "given the hook"?
yes-I love being humiliated
no-why would I want that?
If you were being given the hook off stage-what would you say? How would you act? Would you plead with the audience for a second chance? Please describe what this scenario would be like for you:
what did you think of how my cousins treated me? Do you think me being given the hook in front of my family sounded humiliating? would you have done this?
Sometimes my cousins would play "talent or consequences with me" where they would hook me away and take me to some horrible fate: I.E getting dunked in something, being tickle torutured, sliming or gunging me- what would you have done to me if I had to face a consequence for my bad talent? What would you have wanted to happen to you after getting hooked away?
How would you feel if someone said "get the hook" or "give him (or her)the hook!" to you after you said or did something stupid? Would you feel humiliated? dominated? like you were two inches tall? describe what your emotions would be:
If someone could give you the hook in real life-who would you want it to be?
I would like very much to be given the hook again in real life-hopefully in front of an actual audience. I am looking for a large cane for it online. How do you think I could go about convincing someone to "give me the hook" what would be the situation?
This poll was created on 2012-12-19 11:40:03 by gulpimdoomed