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Posed Fashion Award Nominations 2014

The Posed Fashion Awards was created to highlight, celebrate and recognize the talents of those who have made contributions to the fashion industry in Ohio. Please give the appropriate, social network and or email address.
Best Accessories
Best Emerging Accessories
Best Women's Boutique
Best Emerging Women's Boutique
Best Women's Clothing Stylist
Best Men's Clothing Stylist
Best Emerging Clothing Stylist
Best Women's High Fashion Designers
Best Women's Plus Size Designer
Best Men's Tailor
Best Men's Urban Designer
Best Women's Urban Desinger
Best Women's Everyday Wear Designer
Best Men's Everyday Wear Designer
Best Emerging Designer
Best Commercial Hair Stylist
Best High Fashion Hair Stylist
Best Emerging Hairstylist
Best Commercial Make-up Artist
Best High Fashion Make-up Artisit
Best Emerging Make-up Artist
Best Female Runway Model
Best Male Runway Model
Best Plus Sized Female Runway Model
Best Female Glamour Model
Best Plus Sized Print (magazine, etc) Female Model
Best Male Print (magazine, etc) Model
Best Print (magazine, etc) Female Model
Best Print (magazine, etc) Male Model
Best Emerging Female Model
Best Emerging Male Model
Rising Star Award
Best Glamour Photographer
Best Fashion Photographer
Best Emerging Photographer
Best Media Blogger
Best Fashion Media Photgrapher
Best Emerging Media
Best Men's Fashion Retail Store
Best Women's Fashion Retail Store
Best Clothing Reconstruction
Best Graphic Tee Designer
Best Runway Coach
Best Fashion Show of the Year (2013)
Industry Achievement Award
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