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Women and their shoes (Men only)

Is it interesting what shoes a woman wears? And how far would this go? I have a thing for shoes, and would like to know from the guys what you think about shoes :)
Is it important what shoes a woman wears?
No, it doesn't matter at all
No, i rather see women in bare feet
No, as long as they look good overall
Yes, i judge personality by shoes
Yes, i deffinately have preferences about what shoes women should wear
Yes, i have a thing for womens shoes
Are there shoes a women should NEVER wear? (Clicking bare feet means we shouldn't go out without shoes on)
Sneakers / Trainers / Tennis shoes
Heels / Pumps / Court shoes
Boots (feminine leather boots)
Workboots / Army boots
Boatshoes / Deckshoes
Sandals / Mules / Open shoes
Flip Flops / Slippers
Bare Feet
If an attractive woman does wear the shoes you dislike, would you still be attracted to her?
Of course! Shoes aren't that important
Yes, but she has to be really attractive to compensate for the ugly shoes
Of course! But i'll buy her a new pair as soon as possible!
Only if she would take them off right away
No! I judge women by their shoes. If her shoes are no good, she must be no good.
No! If her fashion sence left her, i won't even come close!
In a scale from 1 to 10, how important are the shoes an attractive woman wears?
1-2 (It doesn't matter at all)
10 - It makes all the difference
Did you ever ask a woman, your wife / girlfriend, to wear a different shoe-style?
Would you like to decide what shoes women (or your wife / girlfriend ) wear?
No thanks, let her decide for herself
No thanks, it's too complicated for me to think about such things
No thanks, she won't listen anyway
My girlfriend / wife wears only shoes i like (We have the same taste)
Yes, my fashion sence is far better then hers
Yes, i allready have a say in what shoes my girlfriend / wife wears
Yes, but it would mean my girlfriend / wife won't wear shoes from now and walk around barefeet
Can your wife / girlfriend decide what shoes you wear?
No, deffinately not!
We have the same taste, so we always agree
Only if i could decide about her shoes / clothes
Yes please, she has a far better understanding of fashion
Yes, but she can only pick from the pairs i like
Yes, she allready does
This poll was created on 2012-10-24 11:52:55 by SuperLisa