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Guys, Girls, and video games

I haven't met a lot of girls personally who play video games. The ones I did see playing video games didn't look like they were having that much fun. I know there are lots of girls out there that enjoy video games, I read about them all the time. But I never understood what it is they see in video games. Heck, I don't even know why I think video games are so fun. Just about every guy I know (and actually associate with) love playing video games. But it doesn't help me understand the link between gender and video games. (If there is one.) So, I'll let you all tell me about yourselves! Have fun!
First off, are you male or female?
Male and proud!
Girl power!
Do you enjoy playing, or watching video games played by others?
I love to play video games!
I just prefer to watch.
I like both playing, and watching!
I'm not that into video games.
Do you consider yourself a hardcore, or casual gamer?
Hardcore for sure!
I'm more of a casual gamer.
I'm not much of a gamer at all.
What kind of games are you into?
Doesn't really matter
Shooting *shudders*
Why, do you think, it is that you like video games so much?
What is it that you like most about video games?
Do you feel that your gender has anything to do with the fact that you do or do not like video games? (This doesn't require a fact-based answer, just your own opinion.)
Don't believe so.
Of course it does! How trivial.
It might.
I think it does.
Of course not! How childish.
I don't really know/care.
Why do you think gender plays a part in whether or not you like video games?
If you have any more thoughts on this subject, please write about them here. (Or join the forum!:])
This poll was created on 2012-10-23 17:36:06 by Lucas N.