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Is America too big to fail?

Greece is one of many nations in Europe currently facing a major debt crisis. In order to secure loans from the European Central Bank. Greece is required to take austarity measure to cut spending, which means that many Government services and entitlements must be severely cut, of not totally eliminated. The issue that I present is; could what is happening in Greece happen here in America? Or, is America too big to fail? Recently, The National Debt if the USA passed 16 trillion dollars and if our country's physcal policies do not change, the debt could reach 20 trillion dollars by 2016. Currently, out of every dollar the US Government is spending, 42 cents is borrowed.
What do you believe that the United States...
...is in a major debt crisis now.
...is not in a debt crisis yet, but will be by 2020.
I don't know for sure.
...that the US Government will not face a debt crisis for a very long time.
is not facing any debt crisis. We can go on spending as we have indefinately without repercussions.
As an American citizen, how much are you concerned about the Ntional Debt?
Very Concerned.
Somewhat Concerned.
Don't know.
Passive interest.
Not concerned at all.
Do you believe that the US Government is prepared to deal with the National Debt?
Very much prepared.
Somewhat prepared.
Don't know.
Need more preparation.
Not prepared at all.
In your opinion, which political party will act more responably in dealing with the National Debt?
This poll was created on 2012-10-15 20:29:58 by Mr. Liam