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Sandals,socks, or bare feet?

answer these questions with what you would wear in this situation: sandals/flip-flops,socks, or bare feet. (sandals have no back strap)
Are you male or Female?
How old are you? State your specific age in the space given near each answer.
11-15 yrs
16-20 yrs
21-30 yrs
31+ yrs
Where do you live? (give town,country and continent)
You are running from a guy with a knife. You must run across a grassy field,into part of a forested area, and then onto a football field(your goal is to NOT get caught).
Bare feet
If you chose sandals: why?
So i don't have to feel the things on the ground
socks/bare feet would slow me down
the most confortable of the choices
If you chose socks: why?
Bare feet/sandals too unconfortable to run in
my feet wont hurt as much
If you chose bare feet: why?
I run faster in bare feet
I feel more confortable running in bare feet
if your only wearing socks you might as well take them off to run; they could get caught on something and have to be taken off anyway
I like being barefoot
You are walking home from school on a vary rainy day.(pretend you live in the suberbs)
bare feet
If you chose flip-flops: why?
Don't like being barefoot in the rain
can't bear to touch the wet ground
If you chose socks: why?
I don't want to step on something gross with bare feet
I'm fine with wet socks
If you chose bare feet: why?
in heavy rain your feet will get just as wet in sandals/flip-flops or socks
I don't want wet socks
I'm OK with having wet, dirty feet
socks will get extremely wet; you will have to remove them anyway and go barefoot
I love going barefoot!
You are walking home from school on a cold day.(pretend you live in the suburbs again)It starts snowing lightly, and snow stays on the ground. But you don't have trainers, as you didn't expect this.
Bare Feet
If you chose sandals: why? (you expected it)
Are you nuts!? I'm not stepping on the ground in socks or bare feet!It's freezing!
Stepping on the snow would be uncomfortable.
I don't like being barefoot in the cold!
If you chose socks: why?
Sandals would be just as cold as bare feet.
Socks cover most of my foot, keeping it warmer and still without direct contact with the ground.
Sandals in snow? Really?
Bare feet=TOO COLD
If you chose bare feet: why?
I love walking barefoot outside and a little snow isn't gonna stop me!
I can boast later about walking home barefoot in the cold!
socks would get wet and cold anyway, and sandals don't offer much temperature protection, so I might as well go barefoot.
I run faster in bare feet, so I can make it home faster shortening my time barefoot outside.
At PE class, your gym teacher tells you that you can wear any shoes you brought today. However, you forgot tennis shoes/trainers. You will be doing warm ups, running, and volleyball all indoor today.
bare feet
If you chose sandals then why?
It would hurt less if someone stepped on my foot.
I don't want to walk barefoot on that floor!
socks are to slippery.
I don't want to run barefoot.
You chose socks: then why?
I can't run well in sandals.
I'd prefer my socks get dirty instead of my feet.
If you chose barefoot: why?
I run fastest in bare feet
sandals would feel wrong while running
socks have no traction
I want to try PE in bare feet!
sandals are not good for PE
I love doing sports barefoot!
Last one:You are going to a sleepover at a friend's house(pretend that both you and friend live in suburbs). To prevent losing things, you decide only to bring/wear things that you will sleep in/with.(that means if you walk there with sandals, you sleep wearing them.Same with socks.)
If you choose sandals: why?
Bare feet at my friend's house? no!
I don't wanna walk barefoot on the sidewalk or with socks
If you chose socks why?
I often/always sleep in socks
can't make myself walk there barefoot
sandals bad for sleeping
no bare feet at friend's house!
If you chose bare feet why?
I often sleep in bare feet
I am OK with walking barefoot outside on the sidewalk
My friend should be OK with my bare feet
I don't mind being barefoot anywhere
sandals:not good for sleeping
i hate sleeping with socks!
I prefer going barefoot outside rather than with socks
The rest of these questions are about your barefoot life.
How often do you play/do things outside barefoot?
A lot!
every once in a while
hardly ever
Do you ever go to school barefoot?
Always: it's a rule
Always: I never wanted to wear shoes there!
Sometimes:Sometimes they force us
Sometimes:I occasionally feel like going to school in bare feet
Rarely: Few times they force us
Rarely:I done it by choice a few times
Almost never:Once or twice I had to for something we did
Almost never:Tried it once or twice
How often are you barefoot at home?
Always!I hate shoes at home!
Always.My parents/guardian forces me to
Usually:I rarely wear shoes/socks at home
Sometimes:I like to sometimes
not usually:I go barefoot every once in a while
Never:I never/very rarely go barefoot at home
Do you take off your shoes/socks outside just for the heck of it?
Always!I love being barefoot so I'll always take them off the first time i get outside!
A lot! I don't like shoes so I often take them off outside!
Often!I enjoy feeling the bare earth on my feet so I do it!
Sometimes.Occasionally I feel like being outside in bare feet.
Hardly ever:I don't like bare feet as much outdoors but i sometimes do it
Rarely:I hardly ever go barefoot
Never!I hate bare feet!
How often do you sleep barefoot?
Always!Anytime i can!
Usually!I think bare feet for sleeping is the best!
Often!Most the time i'm barefoot when I sleep
If you love being barefoot then when did you start and why do you like it?
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