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Presidential Election Electoral College 2012

Share your opinions and beliefs about the electoral college system.

How would you describe your knowledge about the electoral college system?

13% (6) I am an expert
48% (21) I know the basics that we all learned in school
18% (8) I know a just little bit about it
18% (8) All I know is that it has something to do with elections
0% (0) I don't know what it is

43 voters have answered this question.

What do you think about the media showing electoral college maps before the election? Check all that apply.

50% (10) I love seeing all of the analysis and learning more about the system
40% (8) They are all entitled to their interpretation, I guess
40% (8) I think they do not really know what will happen until the actual election
10% (2) I think it has undue influence over the outcome of the election
5% (1) I think they have it so well predicted, that it spoils the surprise of who wins
45% (9) I think that the idea of "tossup" state just forces the candidates to campaign harder in certain states and ignore everyone else.
25% (5) I think that it make voters feel more helpless about the outcome.
15% (3) I think that it makes voters feel more empowered to influence the outcome.
20% (4) They all just want to look smart and there are too many commentators.

20 voters have answered this question.

I think that the electoral college:

13% (6) Makes my individual vote count more
65% (28) Makes my individual vote count about the same as direct voting
20% (9) Makes my individual vote count less

43 voters have answered this question.

Why do you think there is the general election, a delay, and then the electoral college vote?

7% (3) To add a check and balance to the sytem
26% (11) To give time for the popular vote to get counted so that the electors know how to cast their votes
14% (6) It is a backup measure in case something happens to the president-elect before the inauguration
17% (7) It is a way for political party leaders to manipulate the process
19% (8) Because the population is not trusted to make a good choice on their own
7% (3) To allow some extra time to reverse things in case some new dirt turns up on the president-elect.
7% (3) I have no clue - isn't everything set in stone as soon as the popular vote is counted?

41 voters have answered this question.

Do you know how your state chooses its electors?

18% (8) Yes
79% (34) No
2% (1) What is an elector?

43 voters have answered this question.

What do you think of the electoral college?

6% (3) It is a brilliant way to make sure we get things right.
25% (11) Its nice to have a backup process, but it usually doesn't make any difference.
30% (13) I can take it or leave it.
16% (7) I think something is fishy about it.
20% (9) I think it cheats voters out having their vote counted directly.

43 voters have answered this question.

Do you think that most voters know how this system works?

4% (2) Yes
65% (28) Maybe
30% (13) They don't have a clue

43 voters have answered this question.

Give your opinion of the system in 10 words or less. Thank you for participating.

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34 voters have answered this question.

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