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Why do women play with their shoes (Men only)

Hi! You probably notice a lot of women have a hard time keeping their shoes on :) So now is my question to you guys, why do you think we keep taking our shoes off, or play around with them?
Did you ever notice women play with their shoes or take them off in public places?
Yes, of course!
Yes, some do
No, never noticed
Do you enjoy watching women play with their shoes?
Yes, it looks feminine
Yes, i like feet
Yes, i like womens shoes
No, it's just something they do
No, i hate it, just keep your shoes on!
What would be the best situation?
I'm sitting with crossed legs, dangling one of my shoes from my toes
Pushing my shoes around the floor while sitting
If i push a shoe just out of my reach, and i keep searching the floor with it with my toes.
If i would just take a shoe off, and leave it off for a while
If i would take a shoe off, push it out of my reach and then leave it
If i pushed my shoe somewhere it might be moved or even stolen
If i was sitting with one shoe on, and the other is allready long gone
Why do you think we like taking our shoes off?
Women's shoes aren't comfortable, so that's why they take them off
I don't understand women, and this is another thing i don't understand (we allso don't understand men, so it's not too bad to tick this answer)
It's probably just a habit, they don't even notice when they do it
To attract attention to their feet/shoes
To attract attention to themselves
To have a risk of getting stranded without shoes
Is playing with shoes strictly for ladies?
Yes, it's a feminine thing to do
No, i allso do it myself
No, i don't do it myself, but shoeplay is for men and women
Would you like to have my shoes if i would take them off for you?
Yes! I would enjoy the shoes.
Yes, so i can see you walking in socks
Yes, so i can see your feet
No, what should i do with your shoes?
No, i don't need your shoes, but i would like to see your feet
As you might have noticed from my questions i do have a bit of the cinderella-syndrome :) I like being stranded in either only one shoe, or no shoes at all. Do you think this goes for every woman?
No, deffinately not
Yes, deffinately
Maybe, i hope so!
Is there anything you like to add or do you have questions? Here's your chance to leave any message ;) Thanks for taking my poll!
This poll was created on 2012-10-03 07:00:32 by SuperLisa