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choose my punishment

Me and my brother went away to camp this past summer. He was annoying me a lot while we were there so I decided to do something about it. Early one morning I took all of his shirts, pants, undies, shoes and socks, basically except a few pair of his shorts, and hid them in the woods in a place no one would ever find. So for the rest of the time we were away at camp (~2 months) he had to go barefoot and shirtless, only having shorts to wear. He hated it, said he felt naked the whole time and he was mad at me and said he'd get me back. Apparently he waited until now to tell our mom about it. She can't decide how best to punish me so she's making me put up this poll that will decide how I get punished.
Do I deserve to be punished? (I will be punished either way)
Yes - What you did was wrong and now you must suffer the consequences.
No - Your annoying brother got what he deserved, good job.
My punishment will be:
one week
one month
six months
At home, I will be:
barefoot, other clothes allowed
barefoot, only shirt and shorts allowed
barefoot, only shorts allowed
barefoot, only boxers/underwear allowed
When going out, I will be:
shoes and socks, normal clothes
shoes and socks, shorts and shirt only
flip-flops, normal clothes
flip-flops, shorts and shirt only
flip-flops, shorts only
barefoot, normal clothes
barefoot, shorts and shirt only
barefoot, shorts only
If you voted barefoot: should I be allowed footwear in certain situations such as going out to eat in a restaurant?
Yes - shoes and socks
Yes - flip-flops
No - if you can't go in your bare feet you can't go at all.
If you voted barefoot: footwear is required at my school, so what am I allowed to wear?
shoes and socks
Is there anything else that should be part of my punishment? These answers will be considered and the best/most creative ones will be put to use.
Other thoughts/ideas?
This poll was created on 2012-10-02 22:31:59 by Fufav