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Why does it feel good to take a shoe off?

I'm really wondering why a lot of women take their shoe off while sitting somewhere. Is it just for some air at the feet? For me personally it's a bit more then that, but i would like to know your reasons :)
Do you ever take one shoe off while sitting or waiting somewhere?
Only if my feet hurt
Does it matter what shoe you take off? Or do you like having both off better?
The right shoe
The left shoe
Only one, but it doesn't matter wich one
I keep both on
Does it matter what shoes you wear?
Yes, i should be able to take them off and put them back on easily.
No, i'll find a way to remove my shoe.
No, i don't take them off untill i get back home.
What's the motivation for taking a shoe off?
I don't know, it just happens
I don't like to have shoes on
If i'm bored taking my shoes off and playing around with them keeps me busy
I like to run the risk my shoe isn't there anymore when i want to put it back on
I just keep my shoes on, so none of the above
If you take a shoe off, do you keep it in sight?
Yes, i don't want it to be kicked away
Yes, i need to see where it is
No, under a table i don't see it
No, i don't pay too much attention to this
No, i even try to move it out of my sight
No, i don't take my shoe off
Do you mind if anyone else sees?
Yes, i keep my shoes on when people might look
Yes, i would rather take them off under a table so nobody sees
No, i don't care
No, i actually like to show my feet to everyone
I still don't take them off...
Do you keep your shoe in reach?
Yes, i really wouldn't want it to disappear while i have it off
Yes, but only just
No, i like to push it just out of my reach
No, i would try to get it as far away as i can
I don't take my shoes off.
Would it be ****** to find your shoe missing when you're ready to put it back on?
Even worse
Funny, as long as it turns up moments later
Funny, even if it doesn't turn up at all
Somewhat exciting
That's why i had my shoe off in the first place
I was wise enough to keep my shoes on, so they're safe :)
If your shoe did disappear, would you keep wearing the other?
Still have both shoes on
Were you ever in such a situation where your shoe disappeared when you had it off for a moment?
I don't take my shoes off, so it won't happen to me!
For me when i take my shoe off in public i do try to place it so it might be moved or even stolen. For some reason putting my shoe at risk feels nice :) Does someone recognise this feeling?
If you do take your shoe off so there's a risk it might not come back i would love to know more. But if you have something to add, ask or tell feel free to write anything. Thanks for taking my poll!
This poll was created on 2012-10-02 16:38:53 by SuperLisa