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political candidate polling site,Or poll sample location.
Can Islam save mankind?
Yes it is possible for Islam to save mankind.
Islam has the values, That could very well prolong humanistic survival.
Religions alone cannot guerantee , A gueranteed existence.
We should speak more on this subject,When we learn more about it.
As a voter,Can you see what is at stake in the upcoming election?
It is just another election, I am just glad that it will soon be over.
This one is for the whole thing, Alll can be lost now. I just wish every American could see it for what it is.
I cant wait to vote, I cant wait to see the results.
The past must sense a repeat.
What are the three things that Barak Obama ,Has to be proud of?
His record in office, Medical Insurance, Increased food stamp usage.
His wife, And his two young daughters.
His education, Speaking ability, Achievements.
His religion, Humanity, Efforts in bringing others together.
American citizenship,The flag, The Constitution.
The amount he earns, The votes he got, The Reputation he has earned.
As a write-in presidential candidate in the 2012, General election i have proposed the following list of inititaves . Please select those that would, Or would be of most benifit to you and the nation.
A national nokill Pet Reservation, That is staffed and offering only the best of care.
A Bill that would offer to pay the Burial Expenses of all organ donors, By the hospital where they are treated.
A new Social Security Number for all citizen's of the united States.The benifits to all are endless, And would halt a lot of the crimes we now experience.
Thirty Tax Free day a year, All citizens of America, That would run from July 4, 2013-August 4, 2013.
Do you feel that someone owes you?
Do you feel that someone owes you free medical health coverage until you are twenty four years old?
One hundred weeks of unemployed checks,If you become unemployed?
Amnesty if you are in this country Illegially?
Would you vote for a candidate that offers more than another for it?
Would you work for something,If given the choice?
If the Goverment promised to breath for someone, Would you be for them doing it?
Do you know?
About the love your Mother and Father had for you?
That your live has benifited more people , Than it has you?
That you go, And have gone un-duplicated in this world?
That we all vary, Within our same-ness?
That God's opinion of you, Exceeds that of man?
This poll was created on 2012-09-22 00:56:02 by fate's spear