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USPS: Not what it seems.

Is the U.S. Post Office a government agency...or is it a corporation?

What's wrong with this picture? The United States Postal Service is supposed to be an arm of the government, supported by our taxes, and yet we pay extra for postage.

19% (6) The federal government, as with all big businesses, can't resist price-gouging us and sticking their furry little paws deeper into our pockets!
80% (25) The price you pay for postage IS the tax which goes to fund the program.

31 voters have answered this question.

And how about this one: The domain extension for their website is supposed to be gov--not com--which implies that it is a private corporation, that only exists to make money. What the hell...? :(

20% (6) They want you to think that they are around to serve you; when in reality, they're just looking out for themselves. Damn corporate pigs!
79% (23) We, the public, are responsible for paying our fair share, just like any other organization providing a service. Where do you think they get the money from to mail all those letters and pay the employees?

29 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2012-09-16 18:19:49 by Captain Fantastic
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