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USPS: Not what it seems.

Is the U.S. Post Office a government agency...or is it a corporation?
What's wrong with this picture? The United States Postal Service is supposed to be an arm of the government, supported by our taxes, and yet we pay extra for postage.
The federal government, as with all big businesses, can't resist price-gouging us and sticking their furry little paws deeper into our pockets!
The price you pay for postage IS the tax which goes to fund the program.
And how about this one: The domain extension for their website is supposed to be gov--not com--which implies that it is a private corporation, that only exists to make money. What the hell...? :(
They want you to think that they are around to serve you; when in reality, they're just looking out for themselves. Damn corporate pigs!
We, the public, are responsible for paying our fair share, just like any other organization providing a service. Where do you think they get the money from to mail all those letters and pay the employees?
This poll was created on 2012-09-16 18:19:49 by Captain Fantastic