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Lost bet to my girlfriend...

ok, just so you know i am and a guy and i signed an agreement saying i would do this dare if i lost the bet and do whatever you guys choose. if i won she would have to dress as a maid, superwoman or a playboy bunny for a day at school, depending on what you guys would have picked (she'd be HOT either way that's why i took the bet). for each option select the answer you like best and i will use the option most people agree with. my girlfriend and her friends will dress me up, do my hair and makeup and i have to spend the whole day that way. btw the options are what is available to us and were included in the contract i agreed to.
what should i wear as underwear?
pink panties and a bra
a purple bikini
a pink gymnastics leotard
a diaper
a pink one piece swimsuit
what socks should i wear? (some of these options aren't socks but whatever)
black fishnet stockings
white knee socks
neon pink spandex tights
pink legwarmers
red pantyhose
green wool tights
pink toe sox
black pantyhose
what shoes should i wear?
red high heels
pink uggs
pink ballet slippers
orange knee high leather boots
pink and black mukluks
pink bunny slippers
white go go boots
what top should i wear?
white peasant blouse
purple crop top
red tunic top
pink tube top
light blue tank top
pink turtleneck
black mesh top (easy to see through)
what skirt should i wear?
a grey pencil skirt
a pink frilly tutu
a pink miniskirt
a green and white schoolgirl kilt
a blue poodle skirt
a white and blue cheerleader skirt
what else should i wear?
a pink bathrobe
a purple hoodie
a white faux fur ladies coat
a flower print apron
black ladies wool coat
red fleece cloak
what wig should i wear?
a rainbow clown afro
a hannah montanna wig
fook mi wig (from Austin Powers)
pink bob wig
blue marge simpson wig
a pink wig with pigtails
What hat should i wear?
a white angel halo headband
a pink tiara
a purple deely bopper headband (the ones with pompoms on them)
a pink baby bonnet
a pink conical princess hat
pink bunny ears
what should i wear as a necklace
black velvet chocker
pink dog collar
hawiian lei
pink cashmere scarf
pearl necklace
what earings should i wear
blue chandelier earrings
huge gold hoop earings
heart earings
how should she do my makeup/ nails?
she lets her six year old sister do my makeup
like a clown
like a real girl
like a hooker
what song should i sing after inhaling Helium when i am dressed up
I'm a Barbie Girl (by Aqua)
Like A Virgin (Madonna)
One More Time (Britney Spears)
Single Ladies (Beyonce)
what else should I have to do?
be tied to the flagpole for an hour
have to eat an entire jar of mayonaise
Lick pudding, jello, maple syrup and honey off the parking lot
what should I do with my beard?
french braid it and keep it in my mouth all day
dye it purple
tie pink ribbons in it
What should I do with my skin
cover my body and face with body glitter
let my girlfriend right messages on my skin with pink marker
wrap myself up in toilet paper
dye it pink
At the game I should carry a sign saying what?
Should my girlfriend be able to take pictures of me
Yes and she can do whatever she wants with them
Yes, but she can't share them with others
What should I have in my mouth
a red ball gag
a pair of my girlfriends dirty gym socks
a baby's soother
What should I put on my nose
a hooked witch nose
A red clown nose
A fake pigs snout
A fake cat nose
Any other ideas of things she should do to me?
This poll was created on 2012-08-19 16:36:31 by scotpres