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Girls, what's your favourite look this summer?

The warm weather's finally here after all that rain in July, which means girls are free at last to look great and get all the boys gawping! Every girl is different and you've all got a look that works for just you, so this is a strictly non-competitive discussion of what you've been wearing this summer to show off your sizzling style!
Firstly, which of the following best decribes you?
Sweet schoolgirl
Teenage tease
Sexy student
Which of these looks would you choose for going into town on a sunny Saturday this summer?
A flowery tea-dress combined with little flat pumps and tights with seams
Sleeveless top and tiny little demin shorts that flash a bit of your bumcheeks!
High heels and a short dress with a cinchy waist, to best show off your full figure and milk-bottle legs!
Skin-tight leggings and a cropped T-shirt that shows your bare flat tum - because everything still points upwards on you!
Now for the most important and most annoying item in any girl's outfit! Which pair of knickers do you wear underneath?
Your best silky frilly ones in shimmery-soft glowing colours
A pretty floral print, maybe in a a dark colour with striking red roses or purple violets
Fun brightly-coloured ones with polka dots and lacy leg-holes
Little plain white ones are always the best if a girl just knows how to use 'em!
As skimpy as possible, you don't want any stray frills peeking out!
What accessories are essential with this look (you'll see I don't exactly mean the ones you buy at Claire's!). You can tick as many as you like.
Heavy eye-shadow and mascara. Flutter flutter!
A big beehivey swept-up hairdo that adds about a foot to your height!
Lashings of perfume, enough to knock out any boy who plucks up the courage to flirt with you!
A sweet little bag that you can hold over the back of your skirt in the event of a gust of wind
A silk bow for your hair - aaw!
Your favourite socks, though be careful taking your shoes off if it's been a really hot day!
Big geek-chic horn-rimmed glasses - fake ones if you don't need 'em to see, because they're just so useful for yet more eye-flirting!
Any more fashion tips? Write 'em below!
This poll was created on 2012-08-12 06:12:23 by AJP1992