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Super smash bros 4 characters round 1

Who do you want to see in super smash brothers 4 you can vote here. p.s the (blah blah) means what game the Character is from.
Daisy (Mushroom Kingdom)
Toad (Mushroom Kingdom)
Geno (Mushroom Kingdom)
Bowser Jr (Mushroom Kingdom)
Waluigi (Wario Ware)
Jimmy T (Wario Ware)
Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)
Funky Kong (Donkey Kong)
Chunkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
Donkey Kong Jr (Donkey Kong)
Baby Mario and Baby Luigi Tag team (Yoshi's Island)
Birdo (Yoshi's Island)
Ganondorf with a sword (Legend of Zelda)
Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda)
Vaati (Legend of Zelda)
Minda (Legend of Zelda)
Skull Kid (Legend of Zelda)
dark Link (Legend of Zelda)
Demise (Legend of Zelda)
Tingle (Legend of Zelda)
Knuckle Joe (Kirby)
Woddle Dee (Kirby)
Galactic Knight (Kirby)
Paula (Earthbound)
Jeff (Earthbound)
Poo (Earthbound)
Dark Samus (Metroid Prime)
Ridley (Metroid Prime)
Blood Falcon (F Zero)
Samurai Goroh (F Zero)
Black Shawdow (F Zero)
Crystal (Star Fox)
Slippy (Star Fox)
Leon Powalski (Star Fox)
Pigma Dengar (Star Fox)
Andrew Oikonny (Star Fox)
Panther Caroso (Star Fox)
Richu (Pokemon)
Deoxys (Pokemon)
Zoroark (Pokemon)
Scizor (Pokemon)
Hector (Fire Emblem)
Lyndis (Fire Emblem)
Eliwood (Fire Emblem)
Captain Louie (Pikmin)
Dark Pit (Kid Icarus)
Palutena (Kid Icarus)
Mewtwo (Melee)
Roy (Melee)
Dr.Mario (Melee)
Young Link (Melee)
Pichu (Melee)
Mii (Nintendo)
Sonic (Sonic)
Shawdow (Sonic)
Knuckles (Sonic)
Tails (Sonic)
Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Gray Wolf (Metal Gear Solid)
Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
Megaman (Megaman)
Zero (Megaman)
Issac (Golden Sun)
Sora (Kingdom of Hearts)
Epic Mickey (Epic Mickey)
Shulk (Xenoblade)
Little Mac (Punch Out)
Ray man (Ray man Rabbing Rabbits)
3D Pac man (Pac Man)
Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo and Kazooie)
Lloyd Irvring (Tales of Symphonia)
Balloon Fighter (Balloon fight)
Bomberman (Bomberman)
This poll was created on 2012-07-27 14:27:36 by Gstring