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Insect survey

PLEASE take! I'm going to use these results in a speech that I might put on YouTube! About this poll: this poll asks you questions about what you think of insects, what you do involving insects, and more. It's got some pretty BIG questions so are u ready to think and click?!
Do you think it is important to conserve insects?
Yes; insects are vital for the natural world, and need to be preserved and loved like bigger animals.
I guess...but I'm pretty sure they'll be fine no matter what.
No; insects aren't special like bigger animals are..and plus, it doesn't matter I don't really like bugs.
No, insects are doing fine and always will (wrong!)
What do you usually do when you find an odd-looking bug?
I pick it up and study it, put it in a cage or jar, and mess with it.
I torment it and see how dumb it is >:)
I squish the crap out of it.
I ignore it after a few seconds and leave, not very impressed.
I get out my field guide and try to identify it; then, I sometimes hold it.
I STOP looking at it! That creepy little bug.
What do you think of when you hear the word 'bug'?
Any creepy, gross creature that wants to rule the world.
Pesty creatures that I hate.
Very small, dumb animals.
Beautiful, varied, interesting creatures.
The 'little things that run the earth'
Do you have as much of an interest in insects as other animals?
Yes! In fact, I love insects even more than many animals.
Yeah, sorta.
No. They're not very cool creatures, so I mostly ignore them.
Nope, they're not even close.
If you kill bugs, what types do you like to kill?
I don't kill bugs unless I have to!!!
Pesky moths
Bees and wasps
Grasshoppers or crickets
Wheel bugs
Dragonflies and damselflies
Stink bugs
You know, insects are in the animal kingdom, so killing them is animal abuse. You're killing tiny, colorful and odd animals. ANIMAL MURDERER!!!
Yes, I agree. So I don't kill bugs.
I don't care if theyre animals, I'll kill animals and whatever I want.
Yikes! You're right! I'm gonna stop killing them!
I disagree, they aren't animals.
Why do you kill insects?
Because it's fun watching their guts squirt out.
Because they might bite/sting me. (Well then identify them to find out whether or not killing them is reasonable. Plus, bugs won't hurt you unless you bother them)
Because I'm afraid of them.
Well....because there will be more, so it doesn't matter.
Cuz they're stupid.
Cuz I don't like them
In what place in your favorites do you put the insect kingdom? The animal kingdoms are Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, and insects. Arrange them in order from your favorites to least favorites. In what place do insects stand?
1st place!
2nd place!
3rd place!
4th place!
5th place!
How quick do you judge a bug?
When I see it, I judge it by looks. If it looks gross or lame, I hate the bug. If it's colorful and harmless-looking, I don't mind it.
I judge insects by creepy-ness.
I judge a bug right when I see it...and I usually judge it bad.
I judge bugs by how harmful they look.
I don't judge a bug much...I love them all for who they are.
What describes insects?
Bugs are so strong for their size!
Dumb, brainless
Diverse and beautiful
Dangerous, must be rid of
If a bug would happen to hurt you because you messed with it, would you torture it in response?
Duh! If they hurt me, it's what they deserve! (You are SO blind)
No, because if I messed with them, I am getting what I deserve and should leave them alone as an apology.
I would squash it right away, but then afterward realize I should have left it live.
If you were trying to help a bug and it hurt you, would you kill it?
Yes, because this time the bug is wrong! Grr! You stupid bug, I'm trying to help you!
At first I almost kill it, but stop myself because it's not right.
No! It doesn't understand that I'm trying to help it, so I will forgive it.
Do you ever put native plants in your flower beds/gardens specifically for nature? (I made a native garden and all the bugs in the neighborhood came to it :) That shows how terrible and useless everyone else makes their gardens.)
Yes, pollinators are declining because no one does that, so no matter what, native plants it is!!!
Well, if I like the plant then I guess it's alright.
No, I'll put what I want when I want in my garden, and that's final! Meh!
When you think of wildlife conservation, do you usually think of insects (along with other creatures)?
Yes! I hate it when people forget them!
Honestly, No :(
NO, and who even cares? I wanna protect more important creatures. (STFU, you'd be DEAD without insects!!! And you wouldn't be dead without monkeys and pandas and giraffes and crap!)
Did this poll make you think?
Yes, and it changed my opinion in a good way about insects.
Yeah, but I'm keeping to what I like.
No, it sucked.
This poll was created on 2012-07-19 01:08:26 by Emrald Ye