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German Cut

In 2012 the German court ruled that circumcision of boys done for non-medically essential reasons constituted bodily harm and was punishable by law. This is true regardless of the boy's religion or the parental consent. Many people believe that this will eventually be overturned by the German supreme court, or overruled by the Reichstag.

What is your opinion on Germany's court decision? Do you believe the ban will stick?

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What is your sex?
What is your religion?
Roman Catholic
Other Christian
Before taking this poll were you aware that circumcision of boys was illegal in Germany?
What do you think best describes the near future of circumcision of boys in Germany?
Circumcision of boys will remain illegal
The German Supreme Court will overturn the ban.
The Reichstag will pass legislation excepting religious circumcision of boys.
Which outcome would you prefer?
Circumcision of boys should remain illegal
The German Supreme Court should overturn the ban.
The Reichstag should pass legislation excepting religious circumcision of boys.
Did you know that female genital mutilation (FGM) of girls, illegal throughout the world does not always involved the removal of the clitoris as many believe? Although this is the one worst forms of FGM, more commonly it involves only the excision of the clitoral hood — the female analogue of foreskin. In some cases it involves a mere pinprick approximately equivalent to the lidocain injection given to boys before circumcision if anaesthetic is used at all. Many people have suggested that any court ruling or legislation allowing for male circumcision, because of gender equality policies, would open the door to legalizing FGM. Do you think that this will happen in Germany if the male circumcision ban is overturned?
No way.
You have a good point, it could.
It is certain.
Did you know that the Soviet Union had a very vibrant Jewish community despite the fact that circumcision was banned. Despite claims otherwise, there is good indication that the Jewish community had a high rate of compliance with Soviet law and that few Jewish Soviet boys were circumcised before the fall. Do you think the German Jewish community will adapt likewise?
No, the end of circumcision marks the end of Judaism. No negotiation.
Yes, the Jews must adapt. Circumcision is barbaric and has to be stopped at all cost.
Yes, the Jewish community of German is already adapting.
This poll was created on 2012-07-20 04:39:08 by fdostoevski