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Selena vs. Miley: The Final Showdown!

No explanation is necessary...you know what this is! :)
Pick one.
Team Selena
Team Miley
Hello, police? Yeah, I'd like to report a robbery. Selena Gomez has stolen my heart!
Ha, ha, me too!
Selena's such a dog! She gives me a heart attack!
Would you like to wish Selena a happy birthday?
Yeah! Have a good one, baby! You've won the perfect present: a date with me!
Whatever for? She's trash!
You know, I was just thinking. Miley should change her last name to virus...cause she makes me sick!
Yes, that is so true! God, how I hate her!
Shut your trap, fool! Miley rocks!
Which is the cooler couple?
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Who deserves a good spanking, for being a bad girl?
Okay now, who should get a spanking, for being a fine babe?
Would you like to see Selena and Miley perform a song together, or star in a movie?
Do you think that the so-called Selena-Miley fight today is like the Hilary-Lindsay feud from a few years ago?
Yes, every few years we need to have a couple of new tarts go at it!
No way! Selena and Miley aren't feuding; they're best friends. Just like Hilary and Lindsay from before. The media needs something to get the public stirred up.
Which song is better?
Who Says (Selena)
Who Said (Miley)
If either (or both) girls break up with their boyfriends, who would you rather date?
Did you know that Selena has 32 million fans on Facebook, Miley only has 20 million! Justice has been served!
Yes, this is a good thing! The world finally makes sense!
Shouldn't that be the other way around? Actually, why does Selena have any fans at all? Hahahaha...
Which girl do you think is going to be the first to win an Academy or Grammy award?
Did you know that Miley's real name isn't Miley; it's Destiny Hope.
Of course, only a true fan would know that!
No, I didn't know...and I don't care!
Hey, guess what? I was in the Dollar Store the other day. They were sellinig Hannah Montana school supplies. They had a pack of erasers. And I'm like, "Yeah, I should get those...so I can erase Miley off the face of the Earth!"
Har, har, good one!
I wish I could erase you!
And here's another one. They had a collection of mini-notepads. If I bought one, I'd write a note: "Dear Miley, we've had enough, get a life!"
Mere words aren't enough!
You should get help...then get bent!
Girls, who's the hottie?
Justin Bieber
Liam Hemsworth
The only reason Miley's a celeb is cause her Daddy is a keen businessman, and he promoted her to Disney. His own power faded after his glory days of singing "Achy-Breaky Heart", and he's using his daughter as a cash cow! That's what makes Selena a true star--her talent is real; she doesn't need anyone in her corner pulling her up! Agree?
Very good point! Miley doesn't even have any natural singing or acting skills. She had to be taught everything to get to where she is today.
I don't think so. Even if Billy Ray did teach Miley stuff, it was up to her to use it. Just like Selena. Hollywood wouldn't give either girl a chance if they weren't any good. You might think that being young with a pretty face is all that it takes to make it in this industry, but if you can't or don't do the work, you're out of there!
This poll was created on 2012-07-20 01:52:21 by Captain Fantastic