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Ethics and Morals

I know a lot of people might lie on these questions if they were asked them in real life, but this is an anonymous poll so please try to answer honestly.
I would rather have a job that...
pays a lot but isn't very beneficial to society
is very beneficial to society but doesn't pay much
I would rather work in a profession that...
is highly respected but doesn't benefit society a lot
benefits society a lot but isn't really respected
I am...
a nice person on the outside
a nice person on the inside
not a nice person
How often do you lie?
About the same as everyone else
Less than most people
A lot
If you accidentally ran over a squirrel, how bad would you feel?
Terrible and I would cry too
Very bad but I wouldn't cry
Not bad at all
Let's say you were driving recklessly accidentally run over a pedestrian and they were badly injured but not dead. There's no one else around. You're 100% sure if you drive off, you won't get caught, but the guy needs medical help or he'll die. What do you do?
Stop to save his life and face the possibility of losing your license or ending up in jail for reckless driving
Just drive off and let him die so you don't get charged with reckless driving that resulted in a death
How would you describe yourself?
Very emotional
About average
How often do you get in trouble?
I do a lot of different bad stuff a lot but I don't really get caught
I don't do bad stuff
A lot, for doing the same thing
I do the same bad thing over and over again, but I don't get caught for it
A lot, for doing different things
Which would you rather have?
A deep relationship with just one person
A lot of shallow relationships at different times
How much have you planned your life goals?
I have my whole life planned, and my kid's lives too
I have the next few years planned
I have the next year planned
I have the next decade or two planned
I don't plan, I just live in the moment
What is your educational level? If you're still in school, use your parents'.
Doctorate/Professional degree
High school dropout or less
Bachelor's degree
Associate degree
High school graduate
Master's degree
Some college
What is your household income?
$12K or under
This poll was created on 2012-07-13 02:01:04 by Loney