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A Poll of Former Catholics

One out of ten Americans is a former Catholic. This poll attempts to learn the attitudes of former Catholics. Practicing Catholics are encouraged to take the corresponding poll. Because of the limitations of multiple-choice questions all are encouraged to post a message to expand on the issues raised.
1. First, the usual screening questions. Where do you live and what is your citizenship?
A. United States (please go to Question 2).
B. Outside USA, but I am a U.S. citizen (please go to Question 2).
C. Outside the USA, not an American citizen (pleae do not answer any more questions).
2. Do you consider yourself a former Catholic?
A. Yes (please continue).
B. No (please do not answer any more questions).
3. How old are you?
A. Under 21 ( please do not answer any more questions).
B. 21 - 30 (please continue).
C. 31 - 49 (please continue).
D. 50 - 64 (please continue).
E. 65 or older (please continue).
4. Next, we will continue with the demographic questions. Are you male or female?
A. Male.
B. Female.
5. Which best describes your race or ethnic background?
A. White, non-Hispanic.
B. Hispanic.
C. African-Amerian.
D. Bi-racial or other.
6. What type of high school did you attend?
A. Public high school.
B. Catholic high school.
C. Private high school, non-Catholic.
D. I was home-schooled or cyber-schooled.
E. Other.
7. What is your educational level?
A. Did not finish high school.
B. High school graduate or GED.
C. Some college, did not graduate.
D. Associates Degree.
E. Bachelor's Degree.
F. Master's Degree.
G. Professional degree (law, medicine, dental, etc).
H. Ph. D. or Ed.D.
8. Which best describes your current marital status?
A. Single, never married.
B. Married to my first spouse.
C. Married to my second, third, or subsequent spouse.
D. Divorced, not married at the present.
E. Widow or widower, not married at the present.
9. How old were you when you left the Church?
A. Under 18.
B. 18 - 29.
C. 30 - 39.
D. 40 - 49.
E. Fifty or older.
10. Why did you leave the Church (you can answer more than once)?
A. My study of science, nature, and religion leads me to believe there is no God.
B. My study of science, nature, and religion leads me to believe there is a God, but membership in a formal church is not required.
C. My spouse or Significant Other is not Catholic.
D. Too much else in my life, do not have time for religion.
E, My parents were overly religious, this made me anti-religious.
F. I disagree with many of the Church teachings.
G. Too many Catholic practices and teachings run contrary to the Bible.
H. I agree with most of the Church teachings, but many of the leaders and members do not follow the teachings.
I. The Church demands too much money from me.
J. One day, I just stopped attending and never looked back.
K. The Church is too close to one of the political parties.
L. The Church sex abuse scandal.
11. Which best describes your current religious affiliation?
A. Protestant mainline.
B. Protestant evangelical.
C. Christian Orthodox Church.
D. Jewish.
E. Islam.
F. Buddhist or Hindu.
G. Agnostic.
H. Atheist.
I. I am currently looking for a spiritual home.
12. Next, your opinion on various social and political issues. Which best describes your opinion on ACA or Obamacare?
A. It is a good law, keep it.
B. It should be repealed and replaced.
C. It should be repealed.
D. Do not know.
13. For whom will you vote (or did vote) in the 2012 Presidential election?
A. Definitely Romney.
B. Probably Romney.
C. Uncertain.
D. Probably Obama.
E. Definitely Obama.
F. I will not (did not) vote in 2012.
14. Do you think state and federal governments should recognize same-sex marriages?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Uncertain.
15. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
A. Fifteen or under.
B. Sixteen or seventeen.
C. Eighteen or nineteen.
D. Twenty or twenty-one.
E. Twenty-two or twenty-three.
F. Twenty-four or older.
G. I am still a virgin.
16. Do you think U.S. courts should impose and carry out the death penalty on convicted criminals?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Uncertain.
17. Sex abuse accusations have been made against some Catholic priests. What percentage of the accusations do you believe are true?
A. None.
B. Some, but less than one quarter.
C. One quarter to one-half.
D. One-half to three fourthes.
E. More than three-fourths, but not all.
F. All accusations are true.
18. Do you think it is morally acceptable for married couples to use artifical birth control?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Uncertain.
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