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Zoo and Rollercoaster tycoon-Have you evers

Different questions on things you have done.
What funny things have you done on zoo tycoon?
Ship away tons of animals at the same time
Delete the bathrooms when the people are going
Made the whole zoo land one cage and put tons of trees and every animal inside
Name the animals funny names and laugh when the game talks about them
Stranded people in the habitats of the animals
Put the animals in the lake and watch them swim out
Let animals loose and watch the people scream and run
Put the wrong fences for the cage
Let your dinosaurs eat the people
Put a ton of each animal in their cages, like a riot
Put a predator with prey in the same cage
Make an army of zookeepers
Is there anything I missed? Plz tell!
What fun things have you done on rollercoaster tycoon?
Run the rollercoasters when the track isn't finished
Make rides rough when they're not supposed to be
Trap people in cliffs or on islands
Removed bathrooms or shops while people are in them
Make the ducks lose their feathers
Popped people's balloons
Have only one square of path in your park
Made the sleds hit the people
Put someone way away from the paths
I'm sure I missed something...plz tell anything you remember!
This poll was created on 2012-06-28 00:51:12 by Emrald Ye