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Should every city in America have a Christian community?

The Promise Land Project is God's way of implementing His mindset and will in the world. He has called us to implement the construction of City of Life Christian Center, The Life Christian Training Center (K-12), The Life Christian Training College, The Life Credit Union, Housing Development, Adult Living Community (Ages 55+), Low-income Apartment Homes, Veterans Transition Center, Homeless Edification Center, and a number of other job creating businesses and facilities. Now, that's nice, but why is this important? "We already have homeless shelters", you might ponder. The Promise Land Project is part of a multifaceted ministry with big dreams and bigger potential. Life in Christ Ministries International, to be exact. And their new senior pastor, Prophet Dale K. Hughes is looking to expand Christian operations across the globe. That's why it's "international", get it? You can tell by the description above these faculties aren't your average properties. Granted, their fundraising team is still looking to raise money to build them yet, but the plan is yet still more than global already. promiselandproject.blogspot.com www.licministries.org

Are you for a Christian community like described above?

45% (9) Yes (I am a Christian)
5% (1) Yes (I am a non-Christian)
5% (1) No (I am a Christian)
45% (9) No (I am a non-Christian)

20 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2012-06-30 03:17:36 by licministries
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