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Should public profanity be illegal?

Where do you draw the line between indecency and freedom of speech?
Which of the following statements do you believe?
Certain kinds of questionable language and gestures should be protected by the First Amendment right to free speech. I should be allowed to express myself as I want. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to listen. Besides, it's become so common today, it's part of our lives. Many people find nothing wrong with it, and don't give it a second thought.
Obscene language and behavior should be made against the law--everywhere; we need a national policy for it. Cursing and foul behavior is the mark of an uncivilized person. If we allow it to continue, what does that say about the direction our society is heading in? Not only that, but also young children are learning and picking up bad habits.
Do you think that there should be criminal penalties for public indecent behavior, such as fines or jail?
Does your individual community have laws against cursing in public?
Where do you draw the line between cursing, name-calling, and hate/threats, vs the rights to freedom of speech? Should we allow racial taunts and bullying by hate groups, who are expressing their opinion?
Yes, any group of individuals should feel free to express themselves regarding a particular activity or person(s). People in America have different opinions, which is supposed to be protected by Liberty.
No, that type of behavior is intolerable. Hate crimes and defamatory names are cause for legal action, especially when the recipient's reputation is ruined or they feel threatened.
Is there any difference between cursing and bad behavior online, compared to having it out in the open in real life?
Yes, the rules are more relaxed on the Internet, because it's an anonymous medium. Anyone can say what they want without invasion of privacy. Everyone in cyberspace is a digital number. There's no actual person behind that screen.
No, bullying is the same no matter how you do it. Someone can be hurt just as easily on a computer as by face-to-face. And don't give me that trash about kids ending their life doesn't happen! This is a real problem!
Should kids who bully others that take their lives be charged with murder or torture?
I think we should start a grassroots movement, to raise awareness of this issue and end it. Maybe you can do an online search for the Governor's Office or Education Department in your state, and send letters/emails, or start a petition and gather signatures, or do something...anything! What do you think?
Yes, I'm with you, my friend! I completely agree 100%!
No, the trouble is not that big, these are rare and isolated incidents.
I know this was supposed to be a poll about cursing. I got sidetracked over the last few questions, and turned it into something else entirely. Sorry about that.
Hey, no problem, man. It's alright, the two things are related, anyway. It's like one led to the other.
You should've made a separate poll on cursing, and another for bullying. You ran off the topic, stick to one thing.
This poll was created on 2012-06-24 21:06:07 by Captain Fantastic