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Where do you put your napkin when eating?

What do you do with your napkin, when you're at the dinner table?
Where do you think is the proper place to put the napkin when dining?
I tuck my napkin into my shirt, so it can stay clean, and not get crumbs and sauce all over it. If you leave it resting on your pants, it can fall on the floor, and then what are you going to do?
Not me. I place it in my lap, so it catches the crumbs before they make a mess on the floor. And besides, if you practice good manners--like scoot your chair in, sit up straight, and chew with your mouth closed--you would have no need for a napkin in your shirt. Remember what Mom said.
Where should you put your napkin when done eating?
Leave it on the side of the plate, just as you found it--dirty or not.
Put it in the center of the plate--along with the silverware--as a signal to the host that you're finished.
There should actually be two napkins; one to use during the meal, and another for after--which should be dipped in a shallow bowl of water, sitting behind the plate, and is used to wash with after the meal.
What's this business about napkins? I'm happy using my sleeve (when Mom's not looking)! ;~P
This poll was created on 2012-06-20 06:07:52 by Rebel Soul