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Leftover grease: Where does it go?

What should be done with leftover grease, after cooking?
What do you do with the leftover fat and grease drippings, after you're done frying?
I throw it out. I don't want days-old grease sitting in my pan, with the Chicken and Potatoes. It's really nasty, I like to start fresh each time.
No, that's a waste. I save the unused grease in a jar, and put it in the refrigerator. It still tastes good, and I use it often.
I sometimes use it as a hearty base for stews and casseroles.
You got the wrong person; I'm not the cook in the house. You want me to go get him or her? I'll ask.
Since we're into Summer, I thought I'd ask some BBQ fans. Do you use leftover ashes from the grill when you're barbequing?
Yes, I have to make it last. Do you have any idea how expensive a bag of charcoal is?
No, just as with frying, I like to use fresh. I don't want a bunch of smelly ashes ruining the taste of my Burgers and Ribs.
This poll was created on 2012-06-20 05:47:48 by Rebel Soul