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phineas and ferb song

most popular songs on 4 phineas and fern albums
What is your most favourite song on this list
the christmas song
truck driving girl
disco minature golfing queen
bouncin around the world
the twelve days of christmas
gitchee gitchee goo
perry the playtpus theme
good king wenceslas
hey ferb
takin care of things
city of love
every thing is better with perry
rubber bands rubber balls
let it snow let it snow let it snow
perfect day
that christmas feeling
Squirrels in my pants
come home perry
today is gonnna be a great day
My nemesis
jpop(welcome to tokyo)
i believe we can
back in gimmelshtump
brand new reality
santa claus is coming to town
thank you santa
brand new best friend
readdy for the bettys
my undead mummy and me
Winter vacation
backyard beach
we wish you a merry christmas
my ride from outer space
theres a platypus controlling me
where did we go wrong
what does he want
not knowing where you're going
follow the sun
christmas is starting now
summer (where do we began)
whatcha doin ?
the ballad of kimpaloon
hes a bully
Im Lindana and i wanna have fun
frosty the snow man (recorded as perry saves christmas)
I love you mom
you're going down
run rudolph run
I really dont hate christmas
my goody two-shoes brother
mysterouis force
when we didn't get along
summer belong to you
daniville for niceness
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