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Questions for any pianist. Might be a little confusing. Try to answer them, though.
Which gender are you?
by is the best piece that I have ever done. (Best sounding, a piece that you are good at and like to play each day; not one that is full of mistakes)
About which level of pianist would you be? (approximately.)
Beginner (Has less than a year of piano experience. Unable to complete one page of one's desired piano piece, within reason of one's experience; brand new pianist)
Intermediate (Has more than a year of piano experience. Can read music with little difficulty. Can complete any piano piece one chooses, within one's experience; can complete a piece on one's own)
Advanced (Has more than two years of piano experience; can sightread easily; can complete almost any piece one wishes to play)
I am unique and am intermediate even though I haven't been playing piano for more than a year. (Must meet the demands for "Intermediate" above)
I am unique and am advanced even though I haven't been playing piano for more than two years. (Must meet all the demands for "Advanced" above)
is my favorite composer.
I have tried to compose my own music.
True (Answer the next 2 questions.
False (Skip next 4 questions)
is the name of the piece I tried to compose.
How do you feel about the piece you mentioned in the question above?
Awful. No one should see it. (Answer next question)
I feel like it should not be released to the public. (Skip next question. Answer question after next question)
I would like to publish it sometime. (Skip next two questions)
It is too early to know yet. / It is not finished. (Skip next two questions)
Why? What don't you like about it?
Why? Please give your reason.
by is the piece I want to play sometime in the future.
This poll was created on 2012-06-10 05:49:43 by Kieth11